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Clear Trails

The only constant is change.

It is true throughout the Great Cosmos. Nothing remains unchanged, even for the briefest moment. Around the nucleus of the atom spin the protons and neutrons. 167 more words

Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea

Polynya refresher: open water in spring is due to winds & currents, not ice melt

Arctic sea ice begins to open up in spring at predictable locations due to currents and prevailing winds and this was as true in the 1970s as it is today. 1,228 more words

Sea Ice Habitat

Seven Specks

From its perch two hundred thirty thousand miles above the equator, to the Moon the Earth looked the same as any given day.

The atomic heart of the solar system warmed the atmosphere, creating breezes welcomed on tropical islands dotting the aquamarine seas like warm eggs in a nest. 864 more words

Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea

Circles In Snow

The big bear had been wandering almost aimlessly for the past two days. While she could never be lost in her own country in a physical sense, she was lost in heart, mind and spirit. 1,223 more words

Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea

Last Leg to Dezhnevo

The first light of day beamed into camp from the eastern horizon. Jiak arose with the sun, stowed his bedroll and the tie line, and struck camp. 1,494 more words

Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea

Russia confirms Chukchi Sea polar bears not at risk from climate change or poaching

A statement yesterday from Yegor Vereshchagin, wildlife conservation manager from Chukotka, Russia  (Polar Bears Adjust to Climate Change, 20 February 2018) confirms that Chukchi Sea polar bears are currently… 706 more words

Sea Ice Habitat

2017 in review: polar bear prophesies of doom more at odds with current reality

Tales of doom and gloom about polar bears reflect what some people think might happen in the future, not what is happening right now.  Currently, polar bears are doing just fine despite the low summer sea ice coverage they’ve experienced since 2007 (Crockford 2017a; York et al. 2,097 more words

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