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Life Went On – [Redacted]

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Her first year in Bravo there had been a baby. A child who was not supposed to exist. Bewitched child of star-crossed lovers. 1,116 more words

Hello Chums


That is a word for started everything. Like because I’m working at a home-stay in Yogyakarta Indonesia and that make me to say Hello every time I meet with my guests. 52 more words


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Cold, heavy rain. It weighed down our limbs and our feet. Ran down the hill with treacherous slickness and down the bombs strapped to my body. 673 more words

Chum by Jeff Somers

Standalone, Tyrus Books, 2013, 208 pgs.

Six friends, a little sister, and a couple of lovebirds get smashed at a wedding. Sounds like the setup to a joke, right? 1,287 more words

achat impulsif

Il y a deux semaines, je naviguais sur les internets. J’ai plusieurs groupes de mamans dans mon Facebook, alors la plupart des choses que je vois défiler dans mon fil d’actualités sont des textes/photos de bébés. 534 more words


CHUM tpb in stores now

The surf noir miniseries from Sami Kivelä, Mark Dale, Nic J. Shaw, and me – published through ComixTribe – lands in stores globally this week. 144 more words