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Earl Sweatshirt- Chum

Something sinister to it.

Not sure if I could quite say I have been sleeping on Earl, but ever since Really Doe dropped, these eyes have certainly been a little wider. 47 more words


'Sects Thursday 01/05/2017

*How did that work with the costumes and the batpoles anyway? :)


AIP: Chad Weiner

The next Artist Interview Project installment features Chad Weiner, bassist for the San Francisco-based band, Chum: A Tribute to Phish. The first part of this post includes a student’s reflective summary. 2,844 more words

Philosophy Of Phish

blogmas 🎄 penny for your thoughts?

got a lot on my mind lately. and i thought it would be nice to sort of vent everything out on my blog. hey- venting is healthy!! 527 more words


blogmas 🎄 how do you feel today?

since it’s quite far into december now, and i’ve barely been a good blogmas blogger since i’ve missed like 5 days out of the 9, i still thought i owed you a blog post, to make up for my tiny absence. 343 more words


Animation Final

Jessie Martin

Fall 2016 Animation 1

Rotoscoping is harder than I thought it would be.