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Brush the Dirt of My Psyche

Many people are living Day to day with undiagnosed mental diseases . Every couple of months in the news we see a successful person commit suicide and us broke folks are like with all that money  they still don’t want to live . 504 more words

My Chum!!

Until I’m grey and old,

I’d trust you with my feelings & secrets,

because only you could and would hold them all safe.

In a kind and caring way, 228 more words


An excellent overview of the state of the salmon in Puget Sound

Chris Dunagan is one of the best reporters in the Pacific NW covering the Salish Sea. Here’s a great overview of the state of the salmon. 69 more words

Puget Sound

An ode to friends

Dedicated to my mum who celebrates her b’day today (She’ll always be my very first best friend) an’ to all my chums from high school. 120 more words

Writing & Blogging

'Sects Friday 07/28/2017

*Was the whole week just a setup to get to this joke for Shark Week? Maybe. But don’t forget the Gomer Pyle Warning too! Is it a warning… 12 more words

Comic Strip

Dudley ... July 27th, 2017

 Jonathots Daily Blog



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Old Chum

On my ninth birthday, I was beaten with Wiffle bats by a small gang of kids who, suffice it to say, weren’t entirely happy with the choice of party favors. 50 more words