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At First Glance: Heart to Heart

I picked up this drama after reading a review by Fangirl. So when I finished Kyo wa Kaisha Yasumimasu I decided it was time to give it a try. 417 more words


Heart to Heart, episode 16

Because it’s the last episode everything was cleared up. Ko Yi Suk told Cha Hong Do it’s not her fault that the fire started. Of cource she was angry at first but it ended in good way. 121 more words


Heart to Heart, episode 15

The truth about the fire came out. It was the father who had started the fire. And the grandfather knew that. So that’s why he was concerned about Cha Hong Do. 259 more words


Heart to Heart, episode 14

I’m getting the impression that Cha Hong Do isn’t the one who started the fire but I’m not sure. I think this way because 1) the grandfather gave money to Cha Hong Do (why else he eould give money) 2) butler Ahn said something that looks like he knows who the real culprit is. 80 more words


Heart to Heart, episode 13

This week is full of really emotional and heartbreaking episodes. At first Kill Me, Heal Me, now Heart to Heart. There isn’t much to talk about. 187 more words


Heart to Heart, episode 12

I think the most important thing in this episode was that we found out that Cha Hong Do and Ko Yi Suk were friends in the past. 200 more words