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Big Knitted Trash ... 

I finally finished sewing up the chunky hand knit for Lee. I didn’t really have a proper pattern so it turned out bigger than I expected but really cosy. 18 more words

Thelma and Louise...The Chunky Years

DNA states that my sister is Irish and English but I know she is a gypsy. This gypsy within her requires her to make huge life-altering changes to fulfill the fire that burns within. 1,142 more words

Simple, Chunky Sausage Marinara (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo)

I wanted to mix things up a little bit the other evening with a twist on some classic Italian. Growing up, special events meant Dad’s homemade Marinara, meatballs, and pasta. 209 more words


Snug as a bug in a shrug.

Hello all. Today I am feeling very pleased with myself as I made one of these shrugs and it all came out right the first time 🙌 182 more words


A whole new world..

Today, for the very first time, i am blogging from a tablet. This is a whole new world for me and a complete can of worms has opened before my very eyes.. 233 more words


Review: Nestle Kit Kat Chunky White Chocolate and Extra Creamy Bars

Doing my regular rounds I spotted these two on the shelf. Knowing most products here have a very limited shelf life and tend to go to the Reject Shop to die, I knew I needed to review them before they disappeared forever. 836 more words


Pretty in Pink

Just a quick post this week, prepared in advance as I am currently in the UK at the invitation of University of Exeter.

Remember the lovely chunky coat that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago in, “Chunky Monkey” well they are going down a storm in chilly Zimbabwe (yes it does get cold in Africa!). 67 more words