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Birthday goodies

It was my birthday last week so I have *lots* of new presents to enjoy (I am ridiculously easy to buy for), and I thought I’d share some that will more than likely end up in my shop. 245 more words

Quiet Water Craft

Quick Super Chunky Baby Bunny Hat

I made this for my little one as a bit of a joke (he is going to hate me when he is 18 and all these pictures surface!). 315 more words


Day 17: The Picture

Recently, a tour group at the museum I work at took pictures of me as I was leading their tour. I looked like a beached well. 219 more words


I HAVE to lose my Mum Gunt

If there’s one thing I can take pride in it’s my sense of nutrition and what amount of treats is right. I love cooking for my family especially baking! 532 more words

Sophie Stuff

And so it begins..

It’s Tuesday, Bella magazine has just come out with the free slimming world membership inside. I’ve bought two, one for me and one for a friend. 131 more words

Types of Climbing Chalk

Chalk is a prized possession by rock climbers. It is meant to increase friction and improve grip. Chalk is used to dry the sweat on climber’s hands; any sign of sweat can impact their grip. 480 more words