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After the Fireworks

Sunday, May 31 many of our sisters and brothers in faith were contemplating the mysteries of Trinity Sunday.  At Crafton Heights, we held on to the notion of Pentecost a little longer, and I wondered what life was like for folks after the big displays of God’s power.   2,307 more words


First Things First

At our worship on the Day of Pentecost, the folks in Crafton Heights read two accounts of what happened during that celebration: in the original context, as recorded in… 2,039 more words


I Can Do That!

We finished our series on the ways that God calls us by looking at the calling to Mary as reported in Luke 1:26-38 and some of the ways that she was prepared for that by reading  2,343 more words


What Will You Do When You Do Your Worst?

During Lent 2015 the folks at The First U.P. Church of Crafton Heights spent some time looking at people who turned – and re-turned – to Jesus during the course of his ministry.   1,786 more words


Speak of the Devil...

During Lent 2015 I will be exploring a number of persons who met Jesus, and for one reason or another left his company, and then re-engaged him at a later time.   2,256 more words


Sock Feature #1: Chup by Glen Clyde

Every so often we’re going to run a series of features on a particular garment and the first garm, which we’re going to feature is socks. 187 more words

150313 Review Honey Cream


Lâu quá rồi mới có dịp viết bài review trên wp đây. Mình không phải là không đi khám phá các quán mới mà là lười viết bài cơ=)). 577 more words

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