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To be like Jesus

THIS WEEK I felt bombarded by images of the Church – capital ‘c’, the Church as a whole – behaving badly. I say the Church as a whole because, whether we like it or not, we have all sinned and well and truly fallen short of what God intends for his people. 500 more words

Christian Journey

The H Word: The Overuse and Abuse of the Word "Heresy"

Recently, I was reading a book on faith and theology from the local public library. I’ve been able to get back to reading about faith and theology as a hobby rather than academic “work”, and I’ve been loving it. 1,223 more words


Can a narcissist or sociopath, be a Christian?

This is a subject I have been thinking of lately. I know a fair amount about narcissism, and those on the narcissist/sociopath continuum.

I have experienced considerable abuse from several of these. 814 more words

Mental Health

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Abuser-Enabling Pastors: A Vital Question

This post from Crying Out for Justice is spot on. A warm thank you to Jeff Crippen for writing it. Over and over again, I have heard the stories of those affected by abuse-enabling pastors and churches. 465 more words

Spiritual Abuse

institutionalized sex abuse

This morning I read the story of a father whose kids were abused in the catholic church. Anthony Foster had died today after tirelessly fighting against Catholic sex abuse – … 493 more words

Child Abuse

Mourn the Death of a Church

Mourn the death of a church

Whose eyes are upon the next land to conquer

When its children lay starving in the streets

Mourn the death of a church… 205 more words


Someone recently asked me, “Why on earth are you still going to church? You, of all people?”

They were referring to my indigenous ancestors, to things like colonialism, genocide, enslavement, and violent conversions that were all practiced toward native peoples throughout the history of many parts of the world. 948 more words