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Stories of Betrayal: Speaking about Your Pain Without Speaking Out of Your Pain

Over the last few days of telling stories of church abuse and/or poor leadership, I have been asked about the issue of the experience of pain a handful of times. 1,422 more words

Burning Religion

Their Light is Their Darkness: exposing shallowness of leaders who don’t get it

I was completely surprised by the response to my last post “Leaders Do Not Have the Right to Pretend it Didn’t Happen.” Hundreds of people responded to my simple story of email posts and responses from a former friend who was part of a team of abusive leaders that shafted our little church, and more specifically me. 1,177 more words


Leaders Do Not Have the Right to Pretend it Didn’t Happen

Leaders Do Not Have the Right to Pretend it Didn’t Happen

It has been a little over 10 years since I was falsely accused of being a heretic by my former denomination, followed by the apparently more heinous sin of questioning the actions of that same “authority,” that made the accusations against me. 1,088 more words


Inhumanity, pt.3.

Inhumanity in the Church, pt. 3 of 3.

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pt.3: Yawn.

In pt. 2, we looked at some of the issues which get folk anxious for ‘action’ in the CRC at large. 1,415 more words

Be Not Afraid - A word to those hurt by the church

This article is part of a series that I have written on PTCD called Post Traumatic Church Disorder.  If you want to read the series, please search on the site using the abbreviation – PTCD. 445 more words

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