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Just Hang On A Second Retards.....

Lately I seem to have been getting quite a few messages from overly sensitive language Nazis, questioning my use of the word ‘retarded’.

So being as I had a few spare minutes I thought I would take the opportunity to clarify my position on the subject. 240 more words

Police State

6 Ways Ministry Spouses Get Hurt By the Church

Researcher Thom Rainer identifies Six Ways Ministry Spouses Get Hurt.  I have listed them below, slightly reworded:

  • Complaints About Their Minister-Spouses
  • Complaints About the Children…
  • 416 more words

Film Review & Trailer: Spotlight

Frances Winston thought Spotlight was a great film, which didn’t get bogged down in its subject matter, and with great performances all round

Directed by: Tom McCarthy – Starring: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, Stanley Tucci… 380 more words

Culture & Arts

Mormon Mass Exodus: what does it say?

This is not the first mass exodus from the LDS Church. It has been happening yearly for a number of years. This was better organized than most of the previous resignations. 329 more words

Burning Religion

Damned Long Hair: Cursed by a Street Preacher

“You’re effeminate! You’re going to Hell. You need to repent, you effeminate man!” The street preacher kept yelling in my face at a distance of about 6 inches. 680 more words

Burning Religion

An Open Letter to Stephen Brock (and the visiting Street Preachers)

Dear Pastor Stephen Brock,

In 2010, you moved from North Carolina with your family to start True Gospel Baptist Church here in Salem, MA. I first came across you, when you were preaching on the street in October. 712 more words


Lawsuit Accuses Priest At Elk River Parish Of Prior Abuse

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A priest at an Elk River parish and school is being accused of abusing a teen in the 1970s.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges the Rev. 124 more words