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Mormon Mass Exodus: what does it say?

This is not the first mass exodus from the LDS Church. It has been happening yearly for a number of years. This was better organized than most of the previous resignations. 329 more words

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Damned Long Hair: Cursed by a Street Preacher

“You’re effeminate! You’re going to Hell. You need to repent, you effeminate man!” The street preacher kept yelling in my face at a distance of about 6 inches. 680 more words

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An Open Letter to Stephen Brock (and the visiting Street Preachers)

Dear Pastor Stephen Brock,

In 2010, you moved from North Carolina with your family to start True Gospel Baptist Church here in Salem, MA. I first came across you, when you were preaching on the street in October. 712 more words


Lawsuit Accuses Priest At Elk River Parish Of Prior Abuse

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A priest at an Elk River parish and school is being accused of abusing a teen in the 1970s.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges the Rev. 124 more words


Former Haverhill Priest Convicted Of Abuse To Be Freed

SALEM, Mass. (AP) — A former Roman Catholic priest who spent more than a decade in a Massachusetts prison for raping an altar boy will be freed after prosecutors withdrew a civil petition Friday to have him committed as a sexually dangerous person. 244 more words


Pastor Doug Wilson, A Serial Pedophile, and the Real Victims

Pastor Doug Wilson and Ed Iverson encourage marriage of Pedophile Steven Sitler, Christ Church

Sins are like grapes; they come in bunches. ~Doug Wilson 1,764 more words
Sexual Abuse And Churches

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Many churches continue to fail victims and the innocent by giving child abusers, molesters, and pedophiles the benefit of the doubt. Pedophilic offenders are a segment of the population who will never reverse their desires and will not stop acting upon those desires of their own free will. Companion text: CLICK HERE

One Man's Culture is Another Man's Cult

One man’s culture is another man’s cult. At least that has been my experience.

This is the mildly famous sign from in front of our church’s former location at The Vault in downtown Salem. 230 more words

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