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Christianity and Society's Ills

A social media friend recently responded to a blog article I wrote, Are Christians Hypocrites, by asking whether I thought that “higher religious subscription correlated to fewer societal ills”. 1,610 more words


21st Anniversary

Celebrating our 21st Anniversary, Irene and I wined and dined at Church & State in DTLA. We chit chatted and had a great time remembering all the fun things we did this 21st year of our marriage. 162 more words


Blowers, "Maximus the Confessor"

Here is a new paperback from Oxford about a Christian saint and theologian famous for resisting the power of the state: Maximus the Confessor: Jesus Christ and the Transfiguration of the World… 489 more words

Scholarship Roundup

Hi all,

My series entitled “Christian History 101,” is now uploaded, indexed, and ready for on-the-go listening on my PodBean Podcast available here.

Older archives of additional talks will be added regularly. 6 more words


Presbyterian Patriotism In the Founding of America

“The principal matter recommended by the faction in New England, was an union of the congregational and presbyterian interests, throughout the Colonies…Thus the Presbyterians in the southern Colonies, who, while unconnected in their several congregations, were raised into weight and consequence; and a dangerous combination of men, whose principles of religion and polity were equally averse to those of the established Church and Government, was formed.” – Joseph Galloway, Loyalist, Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly 669 more words


Endangered Christianity

The Statement

I have heard it said by more than one person that “Christianity is only one generation away from being extinct.” Usually, the one speaking is trying to get across to their audience the necessity to reach out and share the good news of Jesus or Christianity will be gone. 613 more words

Spiritual Condition And Duty

The Bible is literature for the resistance - The Washington Post


Quoting from the article:

Even those Christians who support the administration, or who say they want to stay out of politics, tend to inadvertently use the language of resistance as part of their religious parlance.

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Church And State