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A Christian Land Governed by Christian Principles

A Christian Civil Order:

Religion, Republicanism, and the American Founding

By Dr. Roger Schultz

Rev. Ethan Allen once stopped Thomas Jefferson while the president was on his way to church. 4,048 more words


'Reformation and Secularity'

My paper on ‘Reformation and Secularity’ has now been published in the Journal of Reformed Theology. The abstract reads:

Among a growing body of recent scholarship that has shown interest in the geneses, definitions, and assessments of secularism is Brad Gregory’s book The Unintended Reformation. 127 more words


Islam: religion or political ideology?--Part 1

“Is Islam a true religion or a political ideology masquerading as a religion?” One of my blog’s “followers” in early 2017 posed this question in the comments section of my February 25 post, titled “So-called religious liberty bills.” My reader went on to note that Sharia Law renders Islam incompatible with the U. 1,118 more words

Church And State

Pope Francis Shows-Off His Fallibility Factor

The Many Ways the Pope Is Wrong About Capitalism

By David Gordon

It is hardly a secret that Pope Francis opposes the free market. On what grounds does he do so? 1,087 more words


A connected spirituality in Asia

Bangkok and Thailand is filled with many temples, including some mosques and churches.  It’s a religious and multi-religious society with a connected spirituality.  Initially, I couldn’t put my finger on it; but I couldn’t find words to explain why I felt the people of Thailand and S.E. 284 more words


Science and religion in Louisiana

I’ve written more than a dozen posts in this blog on the clash between science and religion, as well as more than two dozen on Christians and Muslims using their beliefs to bully and control others. 1,023 more words


Politics and Religion: A quick take

Politics and government. The two are inexplicably and forever intertwined despite the perceived “separation” of church and state, a phrase that occurs nowhere in the Constitution. 263 more words