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Bad Church Ideas That Produce Bad Political Consequences

By P. Andrew Sandlin

(Reprinted with permission)

You may have heard the saying, “Ideas have consequences.” That’s actually a famous book title from a political conservative just after World War II. 2,400 more words


Strongly Suggested Reading

Last night I revisited my posts on Highbury Hospital, where I had a very distressing time.  I hope you will read them and gain an insight into what goes on behind closed doors in a psychiatric hospital, in terms of bullying and abuse.   295 more words

Of Church and State

So many times we hear it said the church and state must be separate. Actually, it goes more like “separation of church and state.” Often times these people who ascribe to this position are saying keep the church out of our government and lives. 365 more words

Spiritual Condition And Duty

Syrian Refugees Welcome Here

Suggested letter to come from the Board of the small Presbyterian Church of Philo, Illinois:

Dear Syrian refugee family,

Yes, we know you are Muslims, fleeing for your lives from a violent cult that claims they have all the truth & can harm anyone they want.

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Venter, "Constitutionalism and Religion"

In December, Edward Elgar Publishing will release “Constitutionalism and Religion” by Francois Venter (North-West University, South Africa). The publisher’s description follows:

This topical book examines how the goals of constitutionalism – good and fair government – are addressed at a time when the multi-religious composition of countries’ populations has never before been so pronounced. 148 more words

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