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Congress Declares National "Year of the Bible"

Our nation was founded as a Christian nation upon the Holy Bible! While you wouldn’t expect to hear that come from Washington, DC today, as recently as 33 years ago the U.S. 121 more words

1st Amendment

"When little Mike rants… stamps his feet, and hate is his motivation"©

We can have no option but his…

when little Mike controls the fizz

of one’s belief, what he then sees

is what he wants to, despite pleas… 497 more words

Caught Between

Explore: Church and State Wines

Why not wine taste on a rainy day? Well, this is exactly what this day was like. Right when we arrived at the winery – not yet out of the car – the largest down pour of the summer hit. 324 more words


The Catholic Church Through the Ages

Host – Fr. Charles Connor

Fr. Charles P. Connor, Ph.D., offers an historical overview of the significant events and personages contained within the first 15 centuries of the Catholic Church’s existence. 1,815 more words

Early Church Fathers

Sex, marriage and social change

A sermon by Rod Benson

It’s fair to say that, around the world, marriage is in a mess. Many couples today cohabit for years before marrying, or never marry. 1,797 more words


Whistling My Tune

This is the kind of thing I need to hear from Hillary Clinton. Because the god-damned Christians are intent on shoehorning their beliefs into a nominally secular government and they must be stopped: 284 more words

Religious Vomit

America Isn’t Broken

By Graham Glover

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

America ain’t broke. So stop trying to fix her.

Seriously. America isn’t broken. Politicians suggest otherwise, along with pundits, commentators, columnists, bloggers, and just about anyone else who discusses current affairs. 919 more words