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Middle Isaiah (I)

No, this is not a post about the authorship of Isaiah. I am not linguistically, nor technically, nor even geekickly gifted enough to opine authoritatively about the authorship of Isaiah. 717 more words

Christian Life

The Joy of Knowing Politics aren't Everything

By Joel A Hess

Please don’t get me wrong. The outcome of elections does matter to the poor, the middle class, the unborn, and the young ladies often put under pressure to abort. 497 more words

Living Word

Hurrah for the Mid-Terms

(This essay was original published November 4, 2014 in another medium. It hasn’t been touched since, We came across it by accident today and still found virtually every word  as relevant as four years ago. 1,933 more words


why I'm not much worried about the election, or upcoming elections

I will participate in the election tomorrow, and I do have opinions, some of them strong. And I have expressed concern over the incivility nationally on both sides, beginning in the White House. 618 more words


FOG: Focus on Gratitude Day 25

It’s said voter turnout in midterm elections is 40% compared to 60% in presidential election years. Both of those percentages are abysmal but several factors… 154 more words


Want to End Polarization? Go to Church!

A study last month by the Voter Study Group sought to evaluate the link between conservative voter religiosity and support for many key pillars of the current administration. 1,095 more words