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Freedom: Of Speech, Religion, & Discrimination - Or - In The Language Of Flowers, What Does A Pineapple Signify?

Can a florist refuse to sell flowers for a couple’s wedding because the wedding is against the florist’s religious beliefs?

The answer to that question took me on an interesting journey through the Australian Constitution, the High Court, … 2,905 more words


The Socialist Seduction for Well-meaning Christians

In general terms, the so-called separation of church and state is necessary. The church is an agent of the coming rule and Kingdom of Christ. That sets her apart from any other organization. 386 more words


Bad Faith Arguments

Last night I was thinking about the death penalty: I am generally opposed to it in the United States of the 21st century but perhaps there are times and places where the state must have recourse to it. 679 more words


Newsblog 3

Newsblog 3:

The next few posts will be devoted to brief profiles of Trump’s cabinet picks from separation of church and state and science literacy standpoints. 805 more words

Religion and politics don't mix

When I was a boy, conversations around the dinner table helped knit our family together. Many words of wisdom from my father and mother were delivered in that setting, including : “Religion and politics don’t mix.” I wonder: Have we forgotten this wisdom? 491 more words


American saints and relics, revisited

Several years ago, I passed on a post from Peter Leithart about the American use of relics from the Revolutionary era.

I was reminded of it when thinking about this passage from James Byrd’s analysis of patriotic sermons during the American Revolution, … 149 more words

Church And State