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Blasphemy at the European Court of Human Rights: An argument for reform

This article is based on part of my thesis for my master’s degree in human rights law. I edited the article with up-to-date references for publication in the Cosmopolis Journal. 13,082 more words


The Great Wall of Cyrus…uh, Donald

Why isn’t Donald Trump’s unfitness obvious to everyone? A majority of Americans have found his approval ratings, though low, still persistently higher than his competence, personality, and truthfulness would seem to support. 930 more words


XXVIII - Everything I Just Said Was Wrong (No. 2)

I only started reading Zippy after I learned he passed away. So I’ve only been scratching the tip of the iceberg of his full body of work. 2,582 more words




In this series I will be explicitly comparing two empires, to inform an implicit comparison with a third. I will be looking at historical patterns of society and political principles that guide them. 1,017 more words


Third-World Africa -- again!

Most of us thought that the Cold War ended back at the end of 1991.

Even if we thought that Francis Fukuyama’s “End of History” thesis was over-oprimistic, it did seem that the day of the three-worlds paradigm was over. 1,765 more words


The Royal Heart's abbreviated testament of consecration to Joan of Arc and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Royal Heart of RoyaumeFrance is committed to Joan of Arc and her mission “on earth as it is in Heaven” for the coming of the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 206 more words


Mazie Hirono and Kamala Harris put Catholic Charity in the Crosshairs

Democrats Crusade Against ‘Extreme’ Works of Christian Charity

I was concerned that such an extremist organization could exist right under my nose. I decided to use my contacts and do an investigation into this mysterious, problematic group. 1,005 more words