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Why should politicians of faith remain in the closet?

As a student of politics, I can say that the defining characteristic of modern politics (i.e. political thought over the last several hundred years) is that there is a clear distinction between the private existence of individuals and the public interest. 614 more words


War: Sometimes Necessary, Never Good

By Graham Glover

Are we on the brink of war?

Chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Cruise missiles fired in response. North Korea flexing its muscles. 480 more words


The Pastors of Early America

America’s Exceptionalism:

How Christian Pastors Helped Mold America

By Roger Anghis

The Pastors

 It is very necessary that we discuss, and I believe in detail, the pastors of early America and especially during the time of the Founders.  1,809 more words


Trinity Lutheran v. Pauley

Newly confirmed to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch will be hitting the ground running.  Gorsuch along with the eight other Justices of the Court will rule on many cases.  340 more words


Separation of Religion and Government: America is not just a Christian Nation by Sherrie D. Larch

What does it mean to separate religion and government? The separation of church and state is a growing issue in the United States today. There are as many interpretations of this separation as there are religions and belief systems in the country. 696 more words

Sherrie Larch

"Great Christian Jurists in English History" (Helmholz & Hill, eds.)

In May, the Cambridge University Press will release “Great Christian Jurists in English History,” edited by Mark Hill (FTB Chambers) and R. H. Helmholz (University of Chicago).   133 more words

Scholarship Roundup

The Truth About Bill 89

Please help me! I am voiceless in the halls of Ontario Parliament. I don’t have anyone representing me and I don’t have time to represent myself.  1,066 more words