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Church bells

I still remember the day in South America when I stepped out of my room and heard the church bells. I listened fascinated. In the last few years in New Zealand I had hardly heard church bells, while they provided a subconscious background in much of my childhood. 438 more words


Until far off the bells

The Fawn  by Mary Oliver

Sunday morning and mellow as precious metal
The church bells rang, but I went
To the woods instead.

A fawn, too new… 111 more words

Sunday Snippet

The Hedon Bells - The Video!

WE ARE delighted to bring you this fascinating video produced by the grandson of Keith and Jennifer Everingham (who we thank for sharing this).

The video published on YouTube is fascinating on several counts: 70 more words


Adrift On The Wind

Adrift On The Wind

 I am accustomed to your face

It sustains me

Your absence

Puts an edge on my existence

I feel the loss of you… 137 more words


Church Bells- Angel Messages of Light

So sorry for the late late post, but today was a busy day. This will be the only post for the weekend and I will try to resume daily posts on Monday. 40 more words

Lightworker Comic Strip

Making Good in America

It is difficult to imagine two places more diverse than burgeoning New York in the late 19th century and Chale village on the Isle of Wight.   414 more words

Every time a bell rings an Angel gets his wings

In villages all over the world bells mark time.  They mark the hours, often the half hours and even the quarter hours through the day and sometimes throughout the night.  536 more words