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Reason #7 why I am having second thoughts...It is tough to quit and not feel like quitter

There is a stat that gets thrown out about how many Master of Divinity students quit or never make it parish ministry within the first five years out of school. 455 more words

Reason #12 why I am on Straight Street

…I want to own church.

Coming out of seminary, the ability for graduates to be critical and cynical toward a community of faith may be our greatest skill set. 239 more words

seriously, He's not angry...

Just go get this and watch it…

Better yet, go get this, invite everyone you know over, and watch it together.


we are the Pharisees

“The church in North America is not like the Pharisees—we are the Pharisees, and Jesus does not like Pharisees.” -Reggie McNeal

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Interview with Brian McLaren

Here’s a pretty good read if you’ve got the time; especially if you’re still not sure what you think about this Brian McLaren guy… it’s a pretty indepth snapshot of a lot of his thoughts/positions on things.  35 more words

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"...Modernity had its place, but it is over."

“We look at church history and think it’s beautiful, and modernity had its place, but it is over. And it’s not like postmodernism is better, but it is more relevant.

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