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Christians Selling Out The Church

I read it again today on Facebook—the church let down America by voting for Donald Trump. Here’s the heart of the article, written by a friend: 904 more words


It's The Church's Fault

To the surprise of news analysts and voters alike, Donald Trump won yesterday’s US Presidential election. Today, on Facebook, I’m reading that some are pointing the finger at Christians. 1,197 more words

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The Christian, the Church, and Love for the "Brethren"

When I was growing up, we used to reference love for “the brethren and the sisteren,” and I always thought that was such a fundamental Scriptural principle it didn’t need special attention. 931 more words

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The Church Is Not Perfect

I’m sensitive about church bashing which seemed to be in vogue not so long ago. When someone started talking about the Church it was almost always to tell readers or listeners what the traditional church had done wrong. 821 more words

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Doing Ministry In The Twenty-first Century

Another pastor has been asked to leave his church—a megachurch, no less, so there’s lots of attention to his failings and his firing. I’m referring to Perry Noble, pastor and founder of NewSpring Church in South Carolina, who confessed to an ongoing overuse of alcohol. 786 more words


Going Along To Get Along

I’m reposting this article from October 2013 because I needed to be reminded of these points.

Don’t make waves. Don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers. … 778 more words

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What I DO Like About Church

I’ve said more than once that I’ve been spoiled. I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life in one Bible-believing church. Without a doubt, the teaching I received there and what I’ve learned from regular time in God’s word are the causes for any spiritual growth in my life. 1,198 more words