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Conflict Springs From Justice

This is the (draft) introduction to first chapter of a short book on Church Conflict. The goal of this book will be to train a congregation to avoid conflict. 1,027 more words

Biblical Counseling

Please Share if You Agree!

This quote has emerged as the centerpiece of my new book Navigating the Nonsense.  Special thanks to Sara Taylor for this photograph.  She is a great friend and a true artist. 25 more words

Avoiding Conflict or Making Peace

There is a big difference between “avoiding conflict” and “making peace.”  Peacemaking at times requires direct confrontation. In my book Navigating the Nonsense I encourage readers to avoid triangulation not conflict.  27 more words

Strengthening Your Church's Immune System, Part 2

How much do you like to play chess?

One summer, between eighth and ninth grades, I played 97 games of chess with an older friend.  As I recall, I won 49, he won 45, and there were three stalemates. 1,648 more words

Conflict With The Pastor

The ruin of a kingdom

The ruin of a kingdom is a little thing in God’s sight, in comparison with division among a handful of sinners redeemed by the blood of Christ.

R.C. Chapman

The ringleader of all riots

Pride is the greatest master of misrule in the world; it is the great incendiary in the soul of man, in families, in towns, in cities, in all societies, in church and state: this wind causeth tempests to arise.

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Creating a Culture of Peace in the Church

(The first draft of an introduction to series of lessons on how to create a peace. Church conflict is painfully and extraordinarily common.

We will go very wrong in thinking about conflict in the church, if we think that conflict is necessarily and always evil: even though the conflict we experience… 2,301 more words

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