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From Miracles to Mission Zeal Some Marks of The True Church

The seventh mark of the authentic missional Church is its ability to deal with conflict in a God-pleasing manner.

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“22change the former way of life that was part of the person you once were, corrupted by deceitful desires. 750 more words

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When Christians Foolishly Speak For Others

When I was a pastor, a friend once approached me at a planning meeting and informed me, “Jill (who wasn’t a team member) is mad at you.” 1,214 more words

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A Diagnostic for Disarming Discord in the Local Church

Today I want to introduce something which will, I believe, help in the situations where there two sides to an issue being faced at the place where you worship. 556 more words


On Invisible Backpacks

We don’t forgive and forget. We do the opposite. We remember and grow resentful.

Loyal Pressing Pausers may remember I’m serving on my church’s 12-person Council which provides leadership for the congregation. 473 more words


Church Outlaws

            My wife’s family loves Westerns.  In fact, the first time I went to Mary’s house the first thing I noticed was the rather large print of John Wayne above the TV.  681 more words

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When we hear about transitions in Methodist denominations, we typically think about pastor moves. However, congregations are in a state of flux themselves as well. 1,327 more words


1 January 2018: The Beginning of the End

Day 1 — I have been serving two dying congregations in rural New England for almost 4 years now. How I got here is a mystically marvelous story. 1,587 more words

Church Conflict