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Introduction and Outline of a Sermon on Church Conflict (Philippians)

In Philippi, something had gone wrong. There were two women whose conflict had over-spilled the banks of their relationship and was now flowing through the streams of the church. 846 more words

Biblical Counseling

God at Church: Seven Gifts of a Good Conversation

In an earlier post, I noted seven unique gifts that can be given to your co-workers as you seek to create conversations that can safely explore religious questions. 1,785 more words


"Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts"

“Asleep At The Wheel” is a country music group formed in Paw Paw, West Virginia. Can that be right? “Paw Paw” sounds like a strange name for a town. 1,097 more words

Asleep At The Wheel

The Church Bully

I just came across an insightful post from Thom Rainer. In his post, Rainer lists nine common characteristics of what he labels “church bullies”. Read through the points below. 386 more words

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Conflict in the Church: A 3 Step Guide

Church is a family. Families fight. It’s a reality. In the old days it was over the color of the carpet. Twenty years ago it was over worship style. 771 more words


Easing the pain of a splitting headache

I grew up in South Central Texas, as belted in the Bible as you could get. We attended CHBaptist Church, a real big church just a mile or so up the road, right past my elementary school. 1,965 more words


The Preacher's Kids Part 2: Don't Kill the Guppies

by Tara Johnson

I was surprised seeing all the hands raised in the room. A room filled with inmates. I was surprised but not shocked. 921 more words

Splinters In The Windmills Of My Mind