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How Misinterpreting Events Harms Pastors

Many years ago, I attended a Taylor-Johnson Temperamental Analysis seminar with Christian author, counselor, and professor H. Norman Wright.

Wright, who taught at Talbot where I went to seminary, shared great insights into human behavior during that seminar … and I’ve never forgotten them. 775 more words

Conflict With The Pastor

When a Church Conflict Reaches an Impasse

When a husband and wife aren’t getting along … and they can’t seem to resolve their issues … they may seek out a third party: a counselor. 1,720 more words

Conflict With The Pastor

Why Some Churchgoers Create Conflict

I ran into a little incident outside my bank yesterday that illustrates why some Christians create conflict in their churches.

My wife and I are buying a house, and while it’s a joyful time in some respects, it’s also very stressful. 1,269 more words

Conflict With The Pastor

What Does a "Healthy" Church Look Like?

Many churches today cannot be considered healthy because they have too many unhealthy members for the church to be considered “well.” Just about any church you go to, there is a mix of healthy and unhealthy members. 2,081 more words


Some suggestions in times of conflict

As a pastor, I’m occasionally confronted with issues in the congregation that are divisive. When they occur each side of the issue is supported by people who may see fear in the opponent’s position and hope in their own. 410 more words

Church Conflict

When You’re Mad at Your Pastor

It is part of human nature and relationship dynamics that, from time to time, we get angry with the people around us. When we spend lots of time with others, we will get irritated, aggravated and sometimes mad at them. 955 more words

5 Ways to Change Your Church (When You’re Not the Pastor)

Few things are as painful as watching a church you love struggle.

Many church members would agree that churches must adjust to the needs of the people in order to stay effective. 885 more words