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“The Magdalene Girls” by V.S.Alexander

Publisher:   Kensington Books

Publ. Date:  Dec. 27, 2017

The first time I ever heard the idiom Magdalene Girls was when, in horror, I watched the 2002 film entitled “The Magdalene Sisters” based on the Magdalene Asylums also called the Magdalene Laundries.  719 more words


The Moral Uprightness Imperative, or Why We Spend Sundays in Church Instead of Bed

I’ve only got the one little baby at the moment, just turned 7 months-old a few days ago, but that doesn’t stop me from looking far into the future. 921 more words

Dad's Side Of The Bed

Camp Life / Thug Life

My position as the provincial office manager for the camp ministry served as a unique opportunity for me to be introduced to the culture of this province. 948 more words

The Great Uncucking

The Great Awakening refers to several periods of Christian revival in the United States. With that in mind, I suggest that we may be on the verge of what I call The Great Uncucking. 750 more words