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3 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for the Crusades

In recent years it has become en vogue for Christians to apologize for the sins of ancient cross-bearers. I run into a lot of younger Christians who enthusiastically pick up this mantle. 569 more words


John Calvin: Scholar of Grace

Everyone knows John Calvin. He is beloved and reviled; the object of praise and respect and the object of scorn and resentment. John Calvin is claimed by Reformed Christians, the Church of England, the Free Will Baptists and Westboro Baptist Church. 1,476 more words


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If you think you know all about Calvin, or all you want to know about him, I urge you to read this post by Jonathan Goos, who is posting on the Reformers all during the month of October. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Diocletian and Constantine

Key Points during this time

  • During a period of imperial reform in the late third and early fourth centuries, Christians underwent the most severe and widespread persecution yet.
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The Dangers of Bitterness in the Lives of Christians: The Case of Simon the Sorcerer (a.k.a. Simon Magus)

“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.” (Ephesians 4:31; NIV; emphasis mine)

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The Development of the Church during the Third Century

Key Points During this Time

  • After a long history of enduring sporadic persecutions, the mid-third century saw the first systematic persecution of Christianity in the Roman Empire…
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Church Life in the Second and Third Centuries

Key Points During this Time

  • After an intensive and often lengthy period of preparation, converts were initiated into Christianity through a highly symbolic baptism ritual…
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