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What's the big deal with monks?

Most people do not realize how significant the movement called monasticism has been throughout the history of the Church.  Monks have done some very significant things in history, it will take several posts to address all of them. 933 more words

Church History

Picture two Jews on the night of the first Passover

Whatever you do, spare atleast 3 minutes and 28 seconds today, and watch a wonderful and powerful illustration from Don Carson at the recent Bethlehem College & Seminary Pastors Conference:
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What are some of the 'bumper stickers' from Church History?

As I study Church History I attempt to boil down enormous bunches of information into bitesized pieces.  There is SO much information on almost an infinite number of people and events that there seems to be just TOO MUCH for the average person to keep in their minds.   338 more words


Church History Part Three: Important Religious and Political Figures

In the previous sections we learned about the spread and growth of Christianity and some of the problems, both internal and external, which resulted. The internal problems of heresies were dealt with in three ways, which we learned in the previous section. 6,232 more words

Church History Part Two: Responses to Heresies


In the previous section, we learned about the growth and problems of the early church. We explored the expansion of Christianity, the external problems and the internal problems of false teachings. 7,962 more words