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Irenaeus of Lyons - An apt saying and some sound instruction

Job 34:3


For the ear tests words
As the palate tastes food.

“For it is not needful – to use a common proverb – that one should drink up the ocean who wishes to learn that its water is salt.” 64 more words

Pilgrim's Progress Revisited

Movements from Islam to Christianity

In the 1960s we saw the beginning of a historically unprecedented series of movements from Islam to Christianity. In this lecture I present a summary of some key elements of three of them–Indonesia, Iran, Algeria–and then offer an overall analysis of three categories of factors facilitating conversion in the modern and late modern context. 20 more words

Missions And History

Celebrating 500 years of Reformation in Madrid--guest post for VirtueOnline

The Reformation fell on hard times in Spain. The Spanish Inquisition was vibrant and energetic and that institution was not disbanded until 1834. This meant that anyone sympathetic to Protestant ideas had to flee from Spain or keep their ideas to themselves.

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Resource for Bunyan fans



By W. R. Owens and Anne Page

1628   Bunyan born at Elstow, near Bedford (baptized 30 November), the eldest child of Thomas Bunyan (1603–76), a brazier, and his second wife Margaret Bentley (1603–44). 184 more words

Pilgrim's Progress Revisited

What's left to say about Martin Luther?

Has it all been said about Luther and the Reformation?

I put off writing a blog post from this last Saturday (supposedly my normal posting day) until today due the fact that October 31, 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany.  613 more words

Church History

Enlaces para Historia de la Iglesia

Estimados estudiantes,

Arriba encontrarais un mapa de Iberia Romana. Donde se encuentra Elvira (Iliberris)? Aquí están los enlaces que os prometí hoy:

Church History

Quote of the day – Why the Reformation still matters

Please take time to read the wonderful article from which this quote is taken. Dan C of The Battle Cry has posted it. It is greatly encouraging and filled with insight! 89 more words

Pilgrim's Progress Revisited