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Thursday Book Review - Irenaeus Against Heresies

The book review I’d like to do today is going to go along with the Friday series on heresies, in particular, the Gnostics. Irenaeus, who was taught by Polycarp, the disciple of John the Apostle, directly refutes Gnosticism in all its many forms throughout this five-volume set. 505 more words


Why Have Women Traditionally Been Excluded from Ministry? And Other Objections to Women in Ministry Answered (Pt. 4)

So far in this series on women in ministry we’ve talked about my journey with the subject and why I interpret 1 Timothy 2:11-15 as not forbidding female pastors. 1,695 more words


Midsummer rambles and rumbles

I spent the past few days visiting the brothers and sisters of the congregation at Roxton Falls, Quebec and worshipped with them last Sunday. The purpose of the trip was to wok on the editorial revision of a church history book recently translated into French. 251 more words

Stories From My Life

Vincent de Lerins, Doctrinal Development, and Orthodox Christianity

Roman Catholics commonly believe that an important linchpin to their dogmas is an idea called “doctrinal development.” This is an idea not popular among Protestants and the Orthodox. 3,267 more words


THE CULTURE WAR: Nietzsche is Dead

There is a grim, ongoing culture war between mainly two forces. Western culture is torn between those who think that it is rational to keep traditional and historical values and those who think that the only sensible thing is to alter society in an increasingly anti-Christian, extreme liberal direction. 21,178 more words