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Allen Ratta Partners with Elexio Church Software

““I could not be more excited to be a part of the Elexio team,” says Ratta. “Elexio is one of the best-kept secrets in web-based church software with a mature code base that has been steadily growing since 2002. 27 more words

Church Management

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Top 5 church software trends for 2014

“Do you need to organize your check-in process? Many churches need a more streamlined system for check-in to give parents the necessary security when they trust the church with their children. 45 more words

Church Management

Connection Matters

We’ve just returned from the 2015 CEEP (Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes) conference, where we once again connected with scores of amazing people doing wonderful things in their churches and organizations — locally, nationally, and globally. 240 more words

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How to Create a Crisis Communications Plan for Your Church with Meredith Gould

We live in a world with instant transmission of news, a world in which people make snap judgments, and in which forgiveness may not be the immediate impulse for many. 242 more words


‘My Disciples’ Doing Works Greater Than Mine

Have you had the joy of seeing those you taught doing works greater than what you have done?

I have!  Last December 12, 2014, I had a reunion with… 581 more words

How Can I Hasten Christ's Coming

New course: Introduction to Church Marketing

Some folks may raise their eyebrows at the title of our latest course, Introduction to Church Marketing – after all, isn’t marketing something sales-y people do, or companies trying to sell services or products?   191 more words

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New Course: Introducing Stewardship with Kristine Miller

We’re excited to launch Introducing Stewardship in time for churches’ traditional Fall campaigns. And yet, one of the things Kristine Miller reminds us in this course is that stewardship isn’t just for a season. 173 more words