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Why Carry a Bible to Church?

My pastor always begins his Bible messages the same way: “Take the Word of God with me please and turn to…”  It is a beautiful sight to see hundreds of people all opening the Word of God together!   588 more words

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My Sunday Highlight - the Kids' Slot

There can’t be many churches that choose Athanasius’ theological conflict with Arius as the subject of their kids’ slot. More fool them.

Of course, it depends on how you do it. 388 more words

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Coming to the meetings with a Living Spirit

Because most of us came from the background of traditional Christianity, and we still have that environment surrounding us, it is very hard to change our concept concerning the meetings. 768 more words

Church Meetings

The Christian Assembly

 The following paper is the final assignment for a course that I am taking to complete an undergraduate degree at Horizon College & Seminary. The course I am taking is… 3,700 more words

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Convenience Church

I went for a ride a few Sunday mornings ago. That’s unusual. Not the ride; ever since I was forced to stop playing rugby, cycling has become my exercise of choice. 1,164 more words

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The Support of the Church Meetings


When the Lord’s recovery came to the United States, a brother who had been a preacher turned this way. One day I called Hymn #255 by A. 1,154 more words

Church Meetings

Not conformed to ordinances and religion but free in spirit

The example of Paul, the apostle to the gentiles

The fact that Peter was influenced by the Jewish believers indicates that he was not fully delivered from the law and its ordinances. 845 more words

Church Meetings