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It Points to Something Deeper

When commitment in a local church transcends the benefits we receive from it, it points to something deeper.

– Dever, Mark & Jamie Dunlop; The Compelling Community:  15 more words

Greear, J.D.

I can't be self-interested, I've given a theological justification!

About a month ago, I wrote a piece titled Comfortable Christians are killing the church. I suggested church planting and revitalisation efforts in the UK, both within churches and larger national organisations, were being impeded by the unwillingness of Christians to move to where they might feel uncomfortable. 1,523 more words

Commitment to the Local Church, Part 1

Commit to Membership in Your Local Church

The first commitment you need to make when it comes to the local church is the commitment to becoming an official member of your local church. 1,048 more words

Doctrine Of The Church

Christian 'Family'

“Stanley Hauerwas opens one of his classes by reading a letter from a parent to a government official. The parent complains that his son, who had received the best education, gone to all the right schools, and was headed for a good job as a lawyer, had gotten involved with a weird religious sect. 82 more words

Churches Who Won't Commit

by MK Bashlor

“Secularism and Religion are both all about your personal performance. The Gospel is the performance of another applied to you” Timothy Keller… 1,117 more words


Gospel Doctrine 2016 - Lesson 47 - To Keep Them in the Right Way

1. Having survived the destruction of the Nephites, Moroni continues his writings.

Moroni 1:1-3 Moroni

‘The Lord “committed the keys of the record of the stick of Ephraim” to Moroni ( 1,450 more words


Are missionary teams...necessary?

From a biblical point of view, perhaps the most persuasive reason for going as part of a team is that the Bible has no category for a Christian who is not actively engaged in the fellowship of a church where they live.

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