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I wrote this blog in August of 2015, however I feel that it may be time again to readdress it.

Yesterday morning when I got up I read an article from Church Leaders. 459 more words

Random Thoughts As I See Them...

Comfortable Christians are killing the church

Like many church leaders, I would love an influx of workers. Ours is a relatively small church with only a handful of people able to take gospel work forward. 1,657 more words

The Mailbag: My "Christian" Family Member Bears Rotten Fruit

I have a family member, *Fran, who claims to be a Christian, but follows several major false teachers, drinks, habitually lies, is very proud, boastful, and manipulative. 1,200 more words


"Where do I belong?: Church Membership from 6000 miles away"

“What’s your pastor’s name?” He asked from the back seat of the car. To which I answered with the name of the pastor I had since jr. 236 more words


That's how you make a soldier

Recently I was in Manchester for a few work meetings and had a long lunch break. It was a Sunday, so I looked up the local corps and found they had a meeting at 12noon. 453 more words

Church Life

CPR for The Church | Indie Author LaCedric Williams

CPR For The Church

Help for the struggling Church.

Is your Church healthy? Are the members healthy? These and other questions are answered as you try to find ways to awaken the local church. 227 more words


What is the Best Part of Going to Church?

There have been times in my life when I would have known exactly how to answer this question, but due to some troubling issues in my church, I have been faced with the necessity of deeper thinking on the subject. 944 more words

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