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Jude 1-2

Title: Jude: An Introduction

Text: Jude 1-2

Introduction: Start recording; Let’s pray:

  1. We as human beings have fears that shape us and sometimes lead us. They shouldn’t, but we let them.
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What Type of Church Should I Join?

We’ve had an unusual amount of people in our church relocate out of Charlotte this year due to transitions with their jobs and families. Consequently, I’ve been asked this question a lot, … 839 more words


Millennials & Church & Protestantism

I read an article at Religion Dispatches with interest. It’s about why the Roman Catholic church is having a hard time keeping Millennials in their churches while mentioning several Millennial groups within Catholicism which are intentionally bucking that same dwindling trend. 422 more words


Why Join a Church

David Mathis:

One of the most counter-cultural things you can do is become an engaged member of a faithful local church.

In our flighty and noncommittal age, neither non-Christians nor Christians are naturally inclined to find a place to put down roots and make longstanding, objective commitments for the good of others. 1,203 more words

Church Membership

Why go to, or belong to, a church?

Often times, in this age that many refer to as “post-church,” it is suggested that one can be a good Christian without going to church. Among those who do attend church regularly, there are those for whom the concept of membership seems hopelessly outdated. 331 more words


The Debate heard under water

I do not blame you if this kind of stuff does not intrigue you, but I never get tired of talking about it. There has been a good series of great writers weighing in on credobaptism vs paedobaptism, and its implications for young children. 142 more words

Rethinking The Church