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The Local Church and Why It Matters

By: John MacArthur

From: Grace To You Blog

I love the church. It’s the center of my life and has been since childhood. My father was the pastor of a church when I was born, and I grew up in the church. 827 more words

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Church membership – who cares!?

“I’m attending this church (for now) – who cares about a name on a list?”

Formal church membership seem foreign and even impersonal to our current generation of passionate Christ-followers.  1,079 more words

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Why Go to Church?

By Josh Moody:

This summer Christian Focus released my new book How Church Can Change Your Life. It’s written to answer an overall question that many people today seem to be asking: “Why should I go to church?” To do that, it’s broken down then into “the 10 most common questions about church.” 764 more words

Church Membership

The Importance of Church Memberhip

By: John MacArthur

From: Grace to You Blog

Your local church plays a significant role in your spiritual life. In most cases, the local church is the primary source of Bible teaching, worship, discipleship, accountability, admonishment, encouragement, and fellowship. 142 more words

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The danger of legalism

Few things are more disruptive to unity in the Church than legalism.

We must understand the threat of legalism and equip the Church and our families to respond. 62 more words

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Keeping the Church Pure

To adulterate the church is to pollute a well, to pour water upon fire, to sow a fertile field with stones.  May we all have grace to maintain, in our own proper way, the purity of the church as being an assembly of believers and not a nation, an unsaved community of unconverted men. 8 more words

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The Enemy Within

False Teachers

What comes to mind the moment you hear the words ‘False Teacher’ role of someone’s lips?

Perhaps you think of some elderly theologian who has predicted (for the third time) the date Jesus will return. 1,270 more words

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