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New year, new tasks, new window

Let the new year begin. Let’s return to routine.

Our kids were here last week. The house, of course, was turned upside down. Priorities shifted to the care and feeding of small children. 495 more words

The World And My Place In It

Why Our Church Has a Membership Covenant

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When we become Christians we enter into a new family called the Church of Jesus Christ. When we put our faith in Jesus, God takes us out from under the condemnation we find under His Law grants us forgiveness through Jesus, and then makes us a part of His Kingdom. 3,896 more words


The Trellis & the Vine: a critical appraisal

You can purchase a copy of The Trellis & The Vine here

I have been away over Christmas and tried to avoid working, and blogging, and blogging about working. 2,243 more words

Pure Heart for Evangelism or Pure Greed to Increase Church Membership?

Two impetus can drive us to do things in ministry—compassion or greed. If you’re a denominational pastor, you’re likely to be spurred on by greed. You are trained by your denomination to get as many people into your church as possible to up your church membership—because more membership means more church income. 1,009 more words


Another Step Toward a Biblical Ecclesiology: Acts 9 on Baptism, Membership, and the Church

The book of Acts is pivotal for understanding the nature and function of the church. It is also challenging, because it presents a church that is “born” on Pentecost, at first contained to Jerusalem, but later expanded to Judea and Samaria and finally unleashed the ends of the earth. 2,760 more words


Dear Church, I Am Breaking Up with You!

Dear Church,

I am breaking up with you.

Spending the last few months with you has been like being in a bad relationship. You seem like you want me around, but are not interested in taking care of me, or getting to know me. 951 more words


What's the Big Deal About Church Membership

Why would you join a church? That’s a question for Christians, by the way. If you aren’t a true believer, don’t waste your time trying to answer it. 1,960 more words