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How do you make arrangements when people live chaotic lives?

Today I got stood up.

Funnily enough, I said to my wife before I left that I’d probably be there and back in 15 minutes. Thus I proved my credentials as a red-hot prophet. 1,053 more words

Episode 9 | Rethinking Formal Church Membership

Welcome to episode 9 of the Ekklesia Podcast. Let’s talk about formal church membership. Is formal church membership necessary and why do most institutional church settings require it? 208 more words


When All You Serve is Chicken wings

I have the right to life, liberty and chicken wings.  _Mindy Kaling

Recently Sonja and I tried out a restaurant that specialized in chicken wings. They were upfront about this with their name and their menu. 342 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Don't overfocus on the vocal minority

I have been reading through John James’ book Renewal: church revitalisation along the way of the cross. I have long been an advocate for church revitalisation. 1,120 more words

What is church discipline?

We have been thinking about membership a lot as elders lately. One important aspect of church membership and right practice as a church is church discipline. 698 more words

What does the church mean to you?

We have been thinking a lot about church membership as elders lately. We have previously asked the questions What is the church and who belongs to it? 112 more words

What is church membership?

We have been thinking about membership a lot as elders of our church. I have previously posted our thoughts on what we expect of church members… 570 more words