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The Greatest

A certain well-known mega-church pastor is quoted as saying that his church “is the greatest church in the world.”

I can’t imagine saying that.

I love my church and all, but it’s not the greatest church in the world. 333 more words

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Speaking to the Senselessness

I woke up this morning to more horrible news of injustice in America. Five Dallas police officers were murdered and six more wounded by a sniper who reportedly was upset about recent killings of African Americans by white policemen.  685 more words

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Wise words from Dallas Willard

Pastor John Ortberg in his book, Soul Keeping, recalls a conversation he had with the late Dallas Willard. He asked Dallas what he (John) should do to help his church grow. 193 more words

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Read my interview about "Surviving Ministry"

(Recently my publisher interviewed me about my book, Surviving Ministry: How to Weather the Storms of Church Leadership. Here’s what I had to say.) 899 more words

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Read an excerpt of "Surviving Ministry"

My book, Surviving Ministry: How to Weather the Storms of Church Leadership, was recently published and is available in both paperback and Kindle. Get it directly from the… 33 more words

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Christ's Church is more than you and bigger than your wants

I ran into a former church member a while back. (Maybe I should be honest and say “disgruntled former church member.”) They recited a litany of things they had “heard” about our church. 354 more words

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For a long time, I got my sense of identity from having a successful ministry. Sunday morning attendance figures, compliments (“Great sermon, pastor!”), a calendar filled with appointments, money streaming in, baptisms… these were the metrics by which I judged my effectiveness and the blessing of God. 285 more words

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