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A Better Vantage Point

Jeff and I attended a pastors and spouses retreat this week. All the costs were completely covered– it was a generous gift from God through the… 1,434 more words

Motherhood & Family

The Invisible God Who Sees Me

God is the remembered one. But this does not mean we are forgotten—not by him. Not by a long shot. In fact, being remembered by him means we no longer fear being forgotten by the world. 1,658 more words

Motherhood & Family

I Just Didn't Know His Name

We sat in the campus cafeteria and talked about Jesus. I told Cathy about how our sins keep us away from God and why we can’t make our own way back to him. 1,065 more words

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We Quickly Fly Away, But...

I don’t normally talk to inanimate objects, but there’s this one time I got mad at a flower.

During this particular day, I was standing on the sidewalk waiting for a ride and happened to look down. 1,058 more words

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