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Armagh Church of Ireland and Archbishop Richard Clarke celebrate St Patrick's Day by leading Protestants to Rome

St Patrick’s Day will be celebrated in true ecumenical style, courtesy of St Patrick’s Church of Ireland cathedral in Armagh.

And the church’s most senior figure will be leading the charge into the arms of Rome. 1,348 more words

The Bible alone - the only 'gay conversion therapy' required

The politically correct brigade have been getting awfully worked up over an event held in a Belfast Church of Ireland fellowship dealing with so-called ‘gay Christians’. 959 more words

The ecumenical festival that is the Women's World Day of Prayer

Northern Ireland was infested yesterday (Friday, 2nd March with ecumenical celebrants in the Women’s World Day of Prayer.

We are aware of no fewer than 38 such meetings throughout the country, though some of them appear to have been cancelled / postponed due to the weather. 956 more words

Everyday ecumenism in County Fermanagh as Protestant leaders habitually cosy up with Roman Catholic Church

Ecumenism seems to be a way of life in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.

The Fermanagh Churches Forum is one of the most organised and active of the localised ecumenical groupings dotted throughout our country. 533 more words

Arch-apostate of Canterbury Justin Welby endorses Mary worship in Belfast visit and encourages prayers with Pope

The most senior figure in the Anglican Communion (which includes both the Church of England and Church of Ireland) has paid a somewhat secretive visit to Northern Ireland, where he has strengthened his credentials as an arch-apostate by cosying up with Romanists in Clonard monastery, the papal hub of Irish republican west Belfast. 848 more words

The smiling face of ecumenical deceit - 'Rev' Lesley Carroll

A reader of our blog has very kindly got in contact to share with us some photographs in a local newspaper called the ‘Dungannon Herald’ of one of the ecumenical services held during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. 586 more words

#OTD in 1547 – Henry VIII suppresses the Chapter of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin; it will not be restored until 15 June 1555.

The Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the head of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, elected by the Chapter of the cathedral. The office was created in 1219 or 1220, by one of several charters granted to the cathedral by Archbishop Henry de Loundres between 1218 and 1220. 137 more words

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