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Does the polity of your church matter?

Church polity is as defined by Chad Owen Brand and R. Stanton Norman’s in their Perspectives on Church Government is “how churches organize and administrate themselves.” Church polity is something that I believe is often overlooked by your typical church member. 1,410 more words

How "majority rules" can be so good and so bad

Do you believe that “majority rules?”  I am reminded of the game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and their “Ask The Audience” tool.  If a contestant doesn’t know the answer to a trivia question, they have the option, one-time only, to ask the audience which answer the audience would choose.  1,142 more words

A History of Church Polity at UBC, As I understand it

When UBC formed in 1995, its leadership consisted of David and Chris. The decisions that needed to be made in the early days of the church could be summed up as follows– 2,291 more words



And then, I decided to stay at UBC.

The next morning, after crying alone in my room, I felt a lightness I had not felt in many years. 1,338 more words


"Moving On", Pt. 1

In early 2006, leadership from the church held a “Town Hall” meeting to keep the church updated on what was going on with regards to decisions in the wake of Kyle’s death. 1,719 more words


Mark 6.1-7

Title: An Abbreviated History Lesson on Church Structure

Text: Acts 6; 1 Timothy 3

Introduction: Thank you Larry, for reading Scripture today.

I’ll be floating between two passages: Acts 6 and 1 Timothy. 3,467 more words


Who are these Free Lutherans?

I thought since our theme this month is freedom, it might be a good time to talk a little about Free Lutherans.  When I was younger, I didn’t know there were different kinds of Lutherans, but there are actually  quite a number of Lutheran denominations.  468 more words

July Theme: Free In Christ