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On Church Divisions

Sometimes division, though not desirable, is inescapable – the best thing the situation admits of.  Still, it is always a sad thing when the situation arises which makes it the best thing to do. 275 more words

Christian Worldview

The Congregational Way

It’s nearly impossible to talk about the early Massachusetts Bay Colony without mentioning the Congregational Way. In Massachusetts, the ordained clergy and colonial magistrates worked together to ensure that order and Christian standards prevailed. 439 more words

Individuals Addressing Synods?

After my recent post about the differences between the CanRC and FRCA, I received some feedback.  One correspondent asked me to comment on the differences between Australia and Canada on the question of whether an individual may write to a synod, or perhaps more precisely, whether synods are obligated to deem such correspondence admissible and then interact with it. 620 more words

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CanRC vs. FRCA

In this post, I’d like to explore some of the differences between the Canadian Reformed Churches and Free Reformed Churches of Australia.  Before I begin, there are two qualifications which need to be made.  986 more words

Church Life


Greetings from Tasmania, Australia!  Our family arrived here safely last Monday.  Since then, we’ve been getting settled in here quite well.  Tasmania is not a difficult place to love.  555 more words

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Week 36 of 50 in the Institutes: Helm’s Leap

I find myself conflicted with regard to which direction to take for this week’s blog entry.  Since it is Labor Day weekend, I’m going to throw caution to the wind and go in both directions (one serious and one not so serious), so hold on, and keep your hands inside the carriage until the ride comes to a complete stop. 878 more words

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