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Title and deeds should be carefully crafted.  Obtaining the services of an actual title or real estate lawyer is not too high a price to pay.  263 more words

Turning Out the Lights

The case of In Re Glass & Garden Drive-in Church, Slip Op. (Ariz. App. 2016)(not for publication) is interesting because the church was trying to wind down its existence and allow, rather than resist, a denominational takeover (interestingly enough called “suppression”) because of inadequate membership growth, inadequate revenue growth, and property costs that were too much to carry.  246 more words

Church Property Ownership Revisited

The case of Ohio District Council, Inc. of the Assemblies of God v Speelman, 47 NE 3d 954 (OH App., 2016) is an excellent example of how the real estate of a denominational church will be viewed by a court in a “neutral principles of law” jurisdiction.  294 more words

20 December 1789: the Assembly sells the clergy's property

…j’allai dès 9 heures du matin à l’Assemblée nationale et… j’y restai jusqu’à 5 heures du soir, c’est une mémorable séance que celle d’hier, mais elle n’a pas contenté tout le monde, vous en jugerez par l’imprimé ci-joint, les Prêtres firent un tapage infernal, ils menacèrent de protester, l’un d’eux s’écria : … 112 more words


Mega-Churches: Untaxed Businesses

Why can’t mega evangelical churches be taxed yet they make so much?

The pastors drive expensive cars, fly private jets, mega infrastructures built, and yet they give back nothing! 173 more words


Source Translation: Unknown Knowns In Eleventh-Century Compiègne

It’s a busy couple of weeks ahead, so this post and the next will be translated sources rather than anything more substantial. This week, though, it fits neatly with how things have turned out at work… You see, over the weekend, I was reading one of the handful of surviving charters from tenth- and eleventh-century Soissons, and came up with this gem (text… 1,043 more words


Getting Your Property Back As A Tenth-Century Bishop

One of the texts I occasionally come back to is something called the Dialogus de statu sanctae ecclesiae (‘A Dialogue on the State of the Holy Church’).  757 more words