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Why So Fast? Was it Really The "Louisville Papers"?

The session at First and Calvary Presbyterian Church unexpectedly called a rushed meeting of the congregation with the minimum two weeks notice at the end of summer to vote on the congregation’s continuing affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (USA).   1,763 more words

Church Property

To Have Lawsuits With One Another is Already a Defeat for You

The relationship to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) of a congregation can be severed only by constitutional action on the part of the presbytery (G-3.0303b). If there is a schism within the membership of a congregation and the presbytery is unable to effect a reconciliation or a division into separate congregations within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the presbytery shall determine if one of the factions is entitled to the property because it is identified by the presbytery as the true church within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). 961 more words

Church Property

Police will change their minds as they deal with suspects

This cop said that it was ok to sleep at the church, but when his buddy showed up and asked if I pissed in Sherwood Forest, then I was told not to sleep in the church parking lot anymore. 129 more words

Grand Rapids Church Lawsuit and Messy Church Property Law

Happy Friday!

I’ve previously posted articles about the messy nature of Church Property Law – who owns the church property in disputes?

You can review a previous article for some of the legal considerations under Michigan law… 254 more words

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Pennies on the Dollar

One of the criticisms of the PC(USA) by members who want to leave the denomination (with the church property) is that the denomination is using the property to hold congregations hostage.   818 more words

Church Property

I'm From the Government...

Last year, our rector was at the local MARC station at the unholy hour of 4:45 on Ash Wednesday to provide “Ashes to Go” to those who desired them. 245 more words

Church or Corporation?

Why do churches sometimes act like corporations? Isn’t there something fundamentally at odds between the ostensibly otherworldly business of saving souls and the dollars-and-cents mindset of 21st-century global capitalism? 1,184 more words