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Jesus Christ declared the King of Poland (Mary is already Queen)

I am not making this up. According to Christian Today, and verified by my Polish friend Malgorzata, the Polish government just accepted Jesus Christ as the country’s king: 466 more words

Christians Behaving Badly

In Medieval Superstition News, U.S. Presidential Delegation Honors Mother Teresa's Miracle Cures

For mysterious reasons, U.S. politicians and major media outlets are today hyperventilating over one religious group’s unproven claims of ghostly miracle cures.  President Obama has sent a… 379 more words


Why is CNN Asking Presidential Candidates if They Believe in God?

CNN has been asking third-party political candidates if they believe in God, pray, and go to church.  It’s a new trend that’s deeply unethical.

By Bo Gardiner… 924 more words


Hillary Clinton and Hatshepsut

It probably won’t surprise anyone reading this that one of my favorite heroes of all time is Hatshepsut. Plenty has been said and written about Hatshepsut, the woman pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty who went from princess to queen to regent to king. 408 more words


30 April 2016. THIS IS WHAT I HOLD... You Can't Ram Your Beliefs on Society Using the State


In a secular state, there’s no established religion, no “religion by law established”. As a member of a “minority religion”, I appreciate the rights that this gives me and my fellow Orthodox believers. 334 more words