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30 April 2016. THIS IS WHAT I HOLD... You Can't Ram Your Beliefs on Society Using the State


In a secular state, there’s no established religion, no “religion by law established”. As a member of a “minority religion”, I appreciate the rights that this gives me and my fellow Orthodox believers. 334 more words


I'm (mostly) secular and I vote(d)

With my last blog post, I can hardly claim to be secular. But I am still all in favor of separation of church and state, and I am not inclined to vote for someone who is in danger of pushing her or his Christian (or other religious) agenda the minute she or he takes office. 118 more words

Church-State Separation

The Republican presidential primary is starting to look like ISIS and the Mullahs

What is it with all the religion and God rhetoric coming from the Republicans in their primary this year? They sound like the Muslim leaders declaring Sharia law over the country. 178 more words


The anti-Judeo-Christian ideas govern Judeo-Christian America

This blog is exploring the Torah-guided Judeo-Christian world where the Jews may live in spiritual harmony with the Christians both building a better world for everybody. 705 more words

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The week in review

Warning: Language.

According to the American Humanist Association, Monday was Church/State Separation Day. I saved their graphic for the event:

I’m sure this is a “raise awareness” kind of thing, not a celebration thing, since the state of our church/state separation sucks as long as “In God We Trust” is our national motto. 251 more words