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Why SCOTUS Ruling Reveals the Need for Continuing Education for Catholics

Ever since the US Supreme Court’s ruling last Friday in favor of marriage equality, i.e. legalizing same sex marriage, I have been feeling distressed.  Such a verdict should not have affected me at all.  796 more words


Open Letter to Pope Francis: Are You Planning to Redefine Church Doctrine?

This Open Letter was written before the 2014 Synod began. It is not recorded if Dr. Bowring received a reply – or a ‘phone call but the questions raised might be considered to have some significance for Synod – Part 2. 3,584 more words

Church Teachings

A Tale of Two Encyclopedias

One thing you hear a lot of in the Catholic blogosphere is how the church is an antidote to the moral relativism that is supposedly rampant in our society. 808 more words


Q: What is Ash Wednesday?

A: Ash Wednesday is the day Lent begins. It occurs forty days before Good Friday.

Q: Is Ash Wednesday based on a pagan festival? 1,557 more words


The Mormon Women Who Married Gay Husbands And Guess What? Everyone's Fine With It.

Those Mormons are at it again. But, I don’t want this to sound like I’m against religion in general and Mormons in particular. I’m not. Each to their own, I say. 1,233 more words

Sex And Relationships

Defending Chastity (and the Feminine Genius)

I recently read an article vilifying the virtue of pre-marital virginity. The writer claimed that girls—and the families of those girls—who make a promise not to have sex before marriage are afraid of female sexuality, devalue girls and women who aren’t virgins, and perpetuate patriarchy. 1,014 more words


A Daily Struggle

As an almost-married woman, I want to share some tips that my fiancé and I have used to help us save sex for marriage.

The first tip is to gain an understanding of what sex truly means.   536 more words