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Day 101 - Church cuddles

Kayla thinks Kayden is coming down with a cold, so she kept him out if the nursery this morning. Which means I got to hold him and rock him to sleep. 26 more words


The "Spaghetti Monster"...

would like to have a word with you.

Hand me my coffee.

Rock out to Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum, homie.

Peace out.

Something New

Time Management

Before I begin this post I must preface it explaining that up until 1990 I ran my household with four children with no calendar.  I kept everything in my head.  980 more words

The Dangers of Summer Time, pt 3

III. Opportunity

I believe most Believers have a desire to live a life that is pleasing to God. Believers do not set out to destroy their lives. 341 more words


Hear and Receive

Over and over the Bible commands us to be wise. The word “wise” is used 237 times in the Scriptures. The word, “wisdom” is used 222 times. 344 more words


The Dangers of Summertime, Part 2

II. Idolness

During the summer we often must deal with becoming idolators. What is an idolator? It is one who has placed something in higher importance than God. 364 more words


The Dangers of Summer Time, Part 1

Summertime! The very mention of the name brings visions of warm weather, sun (what is that orange thing in the sky?) vacations, road trips, fun activities, and a break from school. 263 more words