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As the weather warms up it occurs to me that I see more advertisements for retreats and retreat-like activities.  The spa area heats up along with their marketing themes where customers can choose any number of health and relaxation techniques, from mud baths, to sitting in a Medieval mine breathing in the unpolluted and pollen free air, that may or may not have a good dose of Radon with it. 553 more words

Stiffen the Sinews and Stir the Blood: Shakespeare and Rhetoric in the Church Times

About a month ago I had a bit of luck, winning a short subscription to the Church Times in a competition on Twitter.  (Yes, I do feel like a character in a Catherine Fox novel, why do you ask?)  And, of course, instead of simply enjoying this unexpected treat, I found myself spotting Shakespeare references in the columns, and wondering about the rhetorical work they were doing.  1,034 more words


I wrote the article below before seeing the film (a risk!). Some of what I wrote remains true enough, perhaps especially as regards the choice for the role of Christ while perhaps for those in certain cultural frames of reference and age groups the film would seem as significant as I speculated it could be at this time. 2,849 more words