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A local retired priest lets me see copies of the Catholic Herald when he has finished with them (I get the Church Times from another source).  172 more words


#Review Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason
Hidden Heritage and Educational Influence
By Margaret A. Coombs
ISBN: 9780718894023

“She offers a comprehensive and splendidly illustrated account of her subject, carefully recording the influence of the clergy, who had such a controlling interest in education in Mason’s time.” 8 more words


#Review Content and Method

Content and Method in Christian Theology
A Case Study of the Thought of Nels Ferré
By Alan P.F. Sell
ISBN: 9780227174487

“This is a very good book for all who should be concerned about the relation between philosophy and theology, if only to learn from Ferré’s adventurous mistakes.” 10 more words



As the weather warms up it occurs to me that I see more advertisements for retreats and retreat-like activities.  The spa area heats up along with their marketing themes where customers can choose any number of health and relaxation techniques, from mud baths, to sitting in a Medieval mine breathing in the unpolluted and pollen free air, that may or may not have a good dose of Radon with it. 553 more words