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Landscape with church tower

Browsing through some old negatives I found a few interesting images I want to share with you.

They were all taken near Chimay, Belgium in July 2008. 13 more words

B&W Images

Alamos, Sonora.

Spent about a month visiting family in Mexico and got to visit some sites. I’d seen most of those places before but I was pretty young so it was nice to go back and get to properly enjoy the scenery. 77 more words


Well, I finally got to finish the Monastery of Santa Maria de Santes Creus. So… Here it is…

And the finished piece with the original Sketch. 9 more words

Santes Creus: Part 2

Didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend but here’s where I’m at…

Santes Creus: Part 1

I decided I’d like to try and put up the steps I’m taking for the final painting of Santes Creus. I’ve never taken a series of pictures as I’ve worked before and I thought it might be helpful to go back and see the order that I do things in. 108 more words

Recent Sketches: Monasterio Santes Creus

This is a sketch that I just finished for a future painting. It’s of the Monasterio Santes Creus in Catalunya.

About halfway done…