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Adventure To The Top of The World (or so it seems...)

My colleague/friend/”cousin” Björn had a birthday, so we took him (and me) up to see the tower. Working at a Cathedral has its advantages :-) 136 more words


German-named villages in Minnesota: Bergen

After a brief hiatus due to non-column related commitments, we are now back on track to start you on the tour of the German-named villages in Minnesota. 1,105 more words


Relationship Over Religion: Christians Tired Of Church

Whether attending church regularly, periodically or no longer attending at all, many Christians are coming to the conclusion that “church” can be spiritually unhealthy…breeding religion rather than helping people experience a growing and authentic relationship with Jesus and others. 669 more words


Multiply: The Early Church

Happy Fourth all! While you’re out there celebrating your freedoms, don’t forget to celebrate the freedom we have in Christ.  This week we are in Part V: Session 4: The Early Church (only 2 more sessions left!).   2,059 more words

Bible Study

Day 2: Ecuador and Peru

The day started off with a breakfast buffet at the hotel. The breakfast at this hotel was by far the best we had on the entire trip. 608 more words


Day 4 - Exploration

Before we left the house this morning I decided that I didn’t like the bathroom cupboard in the downstairs toilet so with my handy power drill I removed the first two screws then sort the help of my husband to hold the cabinet so that I could remove the top two. 376 more words

Thoughts From The Other Side Of The Obergefell Decision

Thoughts From The Other Side Of The Obergefell Decision.

Some helpful thoughts in this essay by Hunter Baker from the Federalist.

Lots of people are agitated about the supreme court decision, and I understand why.   377 more words