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Love Them Enough

If you have friends or family that are trapped in false religions like Catholicism, Mormonism, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, love them enough to tell them the truth that they are believing in a false gospel for their salvation. 53 more words


This is Not a Spiritual Blog, But...


I can tell you that tonight…I know that God exists.

I can’t tell you how I know…I can’t tell you what happened to bring me to write this, but I can tell you that the experience is real…and God exists. 66 more words


Where I Stand

I guess I owe it to all you guys to know where exactly I currently stand with my faith now after a couple weeks of this blog. 174 more words


Help! I Want Somebody... To Answer my Questions

So this past Thursday I had my practicum (in case you didn’t remember, it takes place at a behavioural health center) and near the end of the session, one of the patients said “if you have diabetes, you take insulin. 369 more words


Psalms 7.11 KJB

God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.
Tell the wicked that God is angry with them and that His wrath is abiding upon them. 15 more words


Decisions Can Have Lasting Ramifications

There is a story that takes up the last part of the book of Judges.  This is not probably a story that you studied in Sunday School as it is pretty graphic in nature.  710 more words


Time to Turn Over the Reins

This past week at Bible Study, we were reading and talking about the Tower of Babel. Now I had honestly completely forgotten about that story, so, as usual, I was completely useless in the discussion area and only listened. 283 more words