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Just Call Me Queen of Idols

Getting free from idols is so much harder than not picking them up to begin with. Just saying.

I wish someone had given me this 411 years ago and called out the idol BS for me when I was a new believer. 657 more words


Indianapolis: the curious case of the headless Jesus statue

In 2012, the daughter of a member of the Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship in Indianapolis donated a statue of Jesus to the church.

The statue stands near the door. 480 more words

Common Ground in Luke, Paul, and Peter

COMPARISON of NT WRITINGS | Luke, Colossians, & 1 Peter

The New Testament represents an amazing in-breaking of God into the reality of humanity and the reality of his creation.

3,844 more words

Vicars Outraged At Cuts To Penalty Rates For Working Weekdays

Australia’s vicars have been stunned by the decision of the Fair Work Commission to reduce their penalty rates for working on days of the week that aren’t Sunday. 321 more words


Beyoncé fans want Coachella refunds after pregnant singer drops out

Coachella beware: The Beyhive is mad and they have their stingers on.

News that Beyoncé has dropped out of this year’s Coachella on the advice of her doctors hasn’t gone over well on social media.  301 more words


When The Church Hurts

Seldom is there anyone who hasn’t experienced some sort of hurt, grief or confusion over difficult church situations. Sadly, it is way to common.

Young people get confused and leave church, hurt and bitter. 449 more words

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