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6 Things I Want My "Taken" Friends to Know

Seeing ourselves from another vantage point is helpful. When a young couple falls in love, sometimes they lose touch with reality. Although I rejoice with them when they find “the one,” I want to share a few words of caution from another single adult. 296 more words

Practical Christianity

Stop Making Excuses for the Bible

By Obbie Todd

“Know that God has not messed things up. The church is not a crisis PR firm, cleaning up the messes Jesus has made.” –Owen Strachan… 968 more words

Personal development

Hi Internet land! I could always post ONLY the positive and “fluffy” stuff but that’s not real life. I like to be REAL, not fake. It has taken years of working on myself and therapy to be the happy gal that I am today. 101 more words

The Reformation Happened, And It Matters

When did I stop blogging about the Reformation?  More to the point, why did I stop blogging about the Reformation? Over the past few weeks,  I’ve had passing thoughts that I really should start addressing the topic again, especially since the 500th anniversary of its inauguration is a little more than a year away. 529 more words

Christian Doctrine

Even Jesus Paused to Fish

By Ross Engel

Today, I’m on vacation. Technically, it’s the third day of my vacation, but who’s counting? One of the cardinal rules of a vacation is that you take your watch off and slow down the frantic pace of life. 762 more words


Ordination, part 2.

No, the title doesn’t mean I’m about to become a bishop.  One step at a time, eh?

Three months ago, I said I’d keep you posted, and it turns out I haven’t been very good at that.  831 more words