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The Spiritual Hazards of a Mental Illness

As with anything, those of us with mental illness have much to think through. I believe that God will direct us through these issues. And these are not static things. 799 more words

Mental Illness

A Cause for the Nigerian Church

A God of Justice

God is righteous and just in himself, and he desires justice in his creatures. His divine righteousness is thus the basis for human justice. 1,223 more words


Church, faith and adventuring towards truth for my family.

I feel a calling. It is not a conscious decision, based upon deductive reasoning. It is not an experiment that I wish to conduct in order to tinker with the inner workings of my family. 718 more words

Adam Kirkpatrick

If we study enough

If I help you be who you never thought you could ever be – that is good – right?  If I give you something you never thought you could have – that is also good – right?  777 more words

The Children of God

The ultimate submission to God’s Will is where you die so that you can live in Him and He in you.

He has filled you so full of His spirit that there is nothing left that you can do but go where He takes you and do what He is doing, because it isn’t your will, but His that is in control now. 166 more words


September 15, 2019

I went to a concert today with my mom. It was surprisingly very funny, and I’m grateful that we had this bonding time.

Later, at church, the homily was again about mercy. 71 more words