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Gather Knowledge About Bible Believing Church at Pentecostal Life Church

Like everything else in this world, houses of worship likewise experience change. When I joined a congregation in 1979 it was presently change. At the time it had a place with the Baptist Union and not long after me joining the congregation surrendered from the Baptist Union and transformed from an Eldership drove Church to a Pastor drove Church. 166 more words


The Church’s growth-spurt in a surprising country


Iran (MNN) — Which country do you think has the fastest growing Church in the world? China? Russia? 838 more words

Prayer Uproar

The Mailbag: Is it OK for Christian men to read Christian women's blogs?

As a man, am I not to read or seek to understand anything from your blog because a woman wrote it? (1 Timothy 2:12)

While other female bloggers might answer differently, as far as my personal position goes, the short answer to your question is no. 541 more words

Christian Women

Clumsy cuz I'm falling in love...or I'm just falling

This week I accidentally put my IPhone in the washing machine. Me being me, I started laughing because I had outdone myself. I have done some pretty dumb stuff before: … 411 more words


What Happened to the American Church?

Here in Cambodia, it is common for an unbeliever to know little to nothing of Jesus. This is a great place to start. In America, usually the unbeliever has heard a lot about Jesus… a lot of garbage. 377 more words


The Church Has Left the Building

The earliest Christians experienced explosive growth without owning church buildings, yet so often today we cling to church buildings as if they are the essence of church.  88 more words

2016 Sermons

If Only They’d Comply

JOIN THE CELEBRATION: Monday, September 26, 2016, on Facebook, 8-9 EST. Celebrate the release of my latest book, Take Her Breath Away. There will be giveaways, including a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate. 560 more words

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