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Marriage Advice

I was asked to write a letter for a bride and groom to read on their honeymoon. I thought I would share it here.

Dear Bride and Groom. 233 more words


*Adopting TGC's Confession and the Creeds

Before I resume writing for this blog, I would like to settle first one necessary foundation, and that is a clear declaration of my theological position and convictions. 988 more words


Why do I need to attend church?

I am puzzled by those who say they have no interest and desire to be part of a local church. I heard that sentiment again most recently from some students in one of the online classes I teach. 316 more words


Would Jesus Eat with Gays?

I am engaged in this present study in the spring of 2020. Donald Trump is President of the United States, and months ago I had made it known to my Christian brethren that I don’t think he is qualified to be our president. 584 more words


Saint Bernard Catholic Church

Earlier this month I told you about a journey through the Little Cities of Black Diamonds region. One of the most extraordinary finds of the day was this church in Corning. 97 more words


Oblivious privilege

You say we are equal but you are privileged and I am not. It upsets me that you seem happiest with life is this way. Like it’s by chance that we’ve inherited our walks this way. 269 more words