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Ten to two

The time on the churchyard does not stand still. It kindly stopped for me.

Photographing Felix

Yesterday I grabbed my camera for a quick photoshoot. My subject was Dratz, although Dratz was actually being Felix, a person he plays when larping. For those not in the know, that is Live Action Role Play (larp), best described to the non initiated as akin to an historic re-enactment, but in the fantasy genre. 312 more words

Kilmelford Church, West of Loch Awe, Scotland

This is a church that we nearly missed, in 2013, which would have been great shame.  We had actually passed the side of the church and were on a single track going up into the hills.   284 more words


Palm Sunday 13th April 2003

Going through some old files on my computer, I happened on this pic from nearly 13 years ago.
So many familiar faces – the children are now all adults – but everone else looks remarkably unchanged!


Ricoh XR-X - Part 2

Old Resting Place
Ricoh XR-X – Mitakon 24mm f2.5 – Agfa Vista 200 asa

Film Photography