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Stroll Through a Country Churchyard

I was killing time today walking around my local village and wandered into the churchyard, a location I have not visited for some time. Many of the tombstones are weathered and crumbling and a number of these are stacked unceremoniously against one of the ancient walls (12th Century)ready to be recycled as…what? 141 more words

Angel Headstones, St Peter's Church, Upwood, Cambridgeshire

A couple of week-ends ago we took my husband’s father to see the remains of RAF Upwood near Ramsey in Cambridgeshire.  Part of his National Service was spent there and he had some wonderful memories of the place, but sorry to say it is now quite ruinous.   147 more words


Holy Trinity Church, Coates in Cambridgeshire

Holy Trinity Church, which is the church depicted on the village sign for Coates in Cambridgeshire, is a church I nearly walked away from.  I had taken my photos of the village sign, and the chapel that sits on the green, but could I be bothered to walk across the green to the church.   265 more words


Bronte Parsonage and Churchyard, Haworth

Despite having lived in West Yorkshire for most of my life this trip was the first time I had visited Haworth. I may have mentioned this once or twice to my companions on the day but I did enjoy the day out and hope to return soon and spend more time exploring the area. 126 more words


White Out

I love exploring churches, not just the church, the locations can be just as wonderful.  This time of the year, the Snowdrops are everywhere….

Taken from some churches we visited in Norfolk on Sunday 8th February 2015