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Low Hanging Fruit

After spending a few days in the field last week I have decided that I am definitely going to mark the easiest locations first. It has been nearly 90 degrees out lately and I have been warned about the dangers of the indigenous wildlife. 47 more words


Our little hidden gem

Goathland church, nestles in a fold of the land at the southern end of the village, it stands foursquare and hunkered down against the elements. 621 more words

The Challenge

Pillar: tree

Crickhowell gravestone (5)
The overhanging tree image, perhaps based on a biblical text, may symbolise the life to come on this memorial to Mary Powell
St Edmunds churchyard, Crickhowell, Powys


Keep your wits about you: Looking for Dracula in Whitby

by Christina

I stole the title from the Whatsapp message Sheldon sent me when he found out where I’d been.

‘I hope you kept your wits about you in Whitby.’ 838 more words


Door: churchyard

Crickhowell door 9/10
Ivy-wreathed garden shed entrance, St Edmunds churchyard, Crickhowell


Pillar: flowery

Crickhowell memorial gravestone (3)
Rose and daffodil with greenery surrounding a female bust