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Parish Council Meeting: January 7th 2016

Held as scheduled in St Mary’s Church, the latest meeting was attended by Councillors Martin Briscombe, Peter Dewrance, William Gray, Sam Midgley (Chair) and Penny Stones. 130 more words


We are Seven

Today I visited the churchyard of St Mary’s Conwy and saw the distinctive ‘We are Seven’ grave. It was during a church service and so my twinagers and I didn’t venture inside. 959 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

Dormitory for the Dead: From the Churchyard to the Cemetery

Photo: 2013, unnamed cemetery outside of Oxfordshire, U.K.

This week I began reading The Work of the Dead by Thomas W. Laqueur, and if you are interested at all in death studies, I highly recommend it, as its premise tackles the essential question of ‘why are dead bodies important to us?’ 820 more words


Modern High Crosses 3

Early medieval Irish high crosses inspired neo-Gothic gravestones in the 19th century across these isles. In Ireland they have been widely replicated as an expensive form of funerary commemoration to the present day, articulating faith and identity in both churchyards and in cemeteries. 363 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

Modern High Crosses 2

In previous posts I’ve addressed the avian potential of early medieval high crosses, and their modern replication in Irish cemeteries and churchyards. Another dimension of modern-era high crosses as a memorial form is seeing how they create dense populated memorial spaces within churchyards of great antiquity. 185 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

Landmarks of the Dead: Exploring Anglo-Saxon Mortuary Geographies

I’m delighted to announce the second-ever Semple and Williams co-authored publication!

Dr Sarah Semple, Reader in Archaeology at Durham University, and I have written a chapter for the just-published book… 202 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

Bells | MM 2 - 35

This week is a themed week for the Christmas period.  Bells I thought ‘no trouble” but when you need them none to be found.  Funnily enough we did see some interesting old bells at Port Arthur but did I take a picture noooo….. 100 more words

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