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Churchyard, Middleham

Thursday 2nd June 2016, 4.45pm (day 1,743)

Middleham, North Yorkshire, is famous for two things: firstly being the former estate of King Richard III (‘my horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse’ etc), secondly being the north of England’s premier racehorse training centre. 31 more words

Daily Post

Ten to two

The time on the churchyard does not stand still. It kindly stopped for me.

Photographing Felix

Yesterday I grabbed my camera for a quick photoshoot. My subject was Dratz, although Dratz was actually being Felix, a person he plays when larping. For those not in the know, that is Live Action Role Play (larp), best described to the non initiated as akin to an historic re-enactment, but in the fantasy genre. 312 more words

Kilmelford Church, West of Loch Awe, Scotland

This is a church that we nearly missed, in 2013, which would have been great shame.  We had actually passed the side of the church and were on a single track going up into the hills.   284 more words


Palm Sunday 13th April 2003

Going through some old files on my computer, I happened on this pic from nearly 13 years ago.
So many familiar faces – the children are now all adults – but everone else looks remarkably unchanged!