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Chuseok in Geomundo (거문도) (pt. 2)

After a disappointing, yet fulfilling meal of ramen and apples, I settled into the bed-less rented room to indulge in my greatest vices – a snacking and YouTube binge. 615 more words


I want to start this post off by explaining that Chuseok (추석) is most similar to Thanksgiving in the United States. The mid-Autumn Festival is something that can be found across many different Asian countries, including Vietnam, China, and many more. 807 more words

Chuseok in Geomundo (거문도) (pt. 1)

Before coming to Korea, I didn’t know what Chuseok was (a harvest holiday where Korean families get together to share mountains of homemade cooking). For foreigners, it’s a great chance to travel and pow around with friends. 712 more words

Heartwarming film 'Pawn' tops Chuseok holiday box office — The Korea Times

Read more at https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/art/2020/10/398_296970.html

— by Lee Gyu-lee: “Pawn” has stormed to the top of the local box office over the Chuseok holiday, which began on Wednesday. 33 more words


My First Chuseok

What does one get up to during her first Chuseok in South Korea?

If you asked me a year ago ‘what Chuseok meant to me?’ I would probably say that it was something I brought up during my Scholarship interview in the hope that it would get me some extra points to indicate that I had a deeper understanding of the Korean culture. 799 more words


Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving)

When Starbucks got pumpkin spice drinks back on their menus, I have realized that the season has come again. Canadian thanksgiving is coming soon. It is just around the corner. 328 more words

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