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Premium Talking Tips: 10 Day Chuseok Holiday to Boost Consumption

Don’t have any idea on what topic to discuss for Premium Talking today? Then, please check this out. 30 more words

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Zaman sekarang, mau tidak mau kita diwajibkan untuk selalu sibuk di dalam masyarakat, dan hal tersebut dapat melupakan kita dari hari – hari penting seperti hari ulang tahun teman kita dan sebagainya. 287 more words

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Extremely late Chuseok Greetings

It feels like forever since I decided to start this blog and I have to admit my procrastination has reached new levels.

Chuseok fell on 16th September 2016 last year though I had already been in Korea for a month at that point. 515 more words

Year Abroad

2017년 공휴일 / 2017: A Year of Holidays

2017년 1월 6일 금요일

2017년 공휴일

2017년 한국의 공휴일이 2005년 이후로 가장 많은 해이다.

첫번째 공휴일은 구정연휴이다. 구정은 음력으로 한 해의 첫번째 날이다. 이번 연휴는 1월 27일 금요일부터 1월 30일 월요일까지 이다.

The Beach

As previously mentioned Taean is a small peninsula off the main South Korean peninsula. It is unusual because, whereas on many of the Eastern coastlines the sand is shipped in, on Taean there are miles and miles of natural sandy beaches. 752 more words

South Korea


Taean is a sliver of peninsula which stands off the west coast of South Korea, just south of Seoul. As I discovered to my horror several years later, almost year round this area is a mecca for Korean tourists. 710 more words

South Korea


Chuseok is a Korean holiday that can be most easily be compared to a Western Christmas Day. Usually falling towards the end of September and if you’re lucky coming with a three day holiday from work, depending on how it falls. 553 more words

South Korea