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Fall Semester Update and Chuseok

I have completely neglected my blog! But the fall semester was filled with so many obstacles that I had to overcome. However, the wonderful experience I’ve had outweigh all the tough times. 165 more words


Meal Ticket

Officials in South Korea say they’ve seen a recent “rash” of online sales for fake arm casts. Consumers — mostly men — use them to get out of chores, such as preparing family meals. 33 more words

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The Hanbok!

By Kim Kyoung Soo

“During the National traditionnal festivities called ‘Chuseok’, many Korean people used to wear the hanbok. I wanted to show this typical ambiance with both a lyric and modern touch.

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How About a Cup of Tea?

When I moved to Jeju, I came with a group of about 30 people (all teachers). Six or seven of us spent the first few weekends exploring the island together before we started branching off and doing our own thing. 576 more words

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Week 6: Chuseok and Chesa (aka Favorite Quote[s] 6)

Chuseok, aka “Korean Thanksgiving” (according to us foreigners), was from September 26-29 last year. I wrote the following post on October 1, 2015, the start of my 6th week in Andong: 323 more words

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My Trip to Yeosu (여수)

Here are a few pics from a trip to Yeosu(여수) that I took with some friends of mine. I was lucky enough to be invited over to one of my friends’ house last year during Chuseok (추석). 118 more words


I have been back in Singapore for almost 2 weeks now. And I am starting to feel like a zombie again, I had no words to describe as I drag my aged body out of bed every morning. 867 more words