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Tombol a 추석 Koreában, úgyhogy a szokásos jókívánság áradatok közt ellustultak a fiatalok, és létrejött a 즐추 vagyis a 즐거운 추석 kifejezés. Szóval 즐추-t mindenkinek! 6 more words

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A Walk through Nara

Tokyo is widely known as Japan’s modern capital, while Kyoto is widely known as Japan’s ancient capital for more than 1,000 years. But it was not the country’s first capital — that title belongs to Nara, a small city about 35 minutes away from Kyoto by train. 705 more words


Thursday Guide: South Korea's National Holiday

I do look forward for the long list of Philippine holidays. I believe everyone does especially now that there are so many long weekend.

And being a true blue Korean addict that I am, I  researched too on what’s the seasonal holidays South Koreans celebrate. 492 more words


Korean Food (3) Special Food for Seasonal Occasions

Foods enjoyed on festive days and in particular seasons

Foods for special occasions include festive foods that were enjoyed on holidays in particular months and seasonal dishes prepared with foods produced in the current season. 1,738 more words


Chuseok in Korea

Chuseok is basically Korean Thanksgiving. Therefore we have a long weekend woo! Of course I headed to Seoul for a weekend fun with my friends, but I was already planning to go to Seoul that weekend cause my sister was coming in or a visit on Sunday and it worked out perfect. 131 more words

Korea Day 6 and 8: Chuseok and an adventure!

Before I start talking about those days, I just want to apologize for making anyone here wait for these Korea vlogs. College has definitely been taking a lot of my time up :( On the bright side, it’s winter break! 405 more words