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How Health Care Stocks Responded to the Shelved Health Care Bill

Despite touting himself as an incredible dealmaker and negotiater, Trump faced the biggest defeat of his presidency thus far when legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act was pulled from a vote in the House of Representatives. 394 more words

Healthcare Business

CANE 2017 - Ted Zarrow - Strategies for Successful Storytelling

Ted’s full presentation is here (that he shared freely and openly with us) but I will highlight some of the, well, highlights below.

  • The idea of ‘sheltered’ vocabulary and grammar was reinforced.
  • 165 more words

CANE 2017 - Chris Buczek - Implementing a CI Latin Program


Shifting Sentiments

Generally I put together a watch list quarterly based first on overall portfolio goals.  As an example, the first quarter typically is used to readjust weightings where they’ve gone a little awry – particularly in my anchor and core positions.  312 more words

Random Musings

Yet Another Test Classification

Goes without saying… but just in case: Following are my thoughts, at this moment in time, about stuff I have some experience in, but could have more and acknowledge that a lot of others do. 950 more words


Bored ASF

My weekend has been awfully boring. As usual. Boring As Fuck!

But that’s ok.

I spend most of my time indoors. Since I don’t have friends, I spend my time watching horror movies on my computer and my TV is permanently on Crime channels, besides the occasional times I watch Sky news. 405 more words

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Deploying a Web Deploy Package to AWS ElasticBeanstalk

AWS provide an extension to Visual Studio to make interacting with your AWS services easy, including deploying to a Beanstalk environment, which is the recommended way of deploying to a Beanstalk… 368 more words