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Retail Bubble Bursts! 8,460 Store Closures Expected in 2017 (Largest In Modern History)

Retail REIT and CMBS investors were pleased with the recovery after The Great Recession when retail commercial real estate prices fell then rebounded. But we are seeing a crucial turn in retail real estate values. 100 more words


Sorting Activity for Class Reading

If you are reading a novel in your world language class, this activity is a great way to make sure students take away the most important events. 258 more words


Bank Lending Shrinking As Wage Growth Remains Stagnant

I appeared on Fox News Radio today on the Tom Sullivan Show. He asked me about the non-existant inflation report today, the poor retail sales numbers and the zero percent wage growth report. 101 more words


Message for the Day

I’m a deaf teacher.  I know many deaf people don’t claim me as deaf because I have two CI’s that I use to hear my students, but the nature of my job as a middle school theatre teacher is that I prefer to be able to hear instead of requiring my students to learn sign language. 249 more words

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My First Post Probably Shouldn't Be 1,400 Words Long

I’ve literally started at least four teaching blogs over the years, and I always abandon them. Mostly, it’s because there’s just not enough time in the day, but it’s partially because if I’m being honest with myself, I wasn’t sure that I was meant to be a teacher until this year. 1,426 more words