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Le Carnaval: une tradition unique, des pratiques différentes

Growing up in the South of France in a small town between Nice and Marseille, I remember Carnival fondly. Except, we did not call it that way, we used to call it “le corso fleuri” because during the parade, all the floats were decorated with local fresh flowers. 255 more words


Indonesian Feelings Flip books

The Indonesian feeling pack is my favourite pack so far. I really don’t think we should be teaching students just one or two feeling words if our goal is for them to be able to express themselves. 562 more words

Comprehensible Input

Automated Cross-Browser Testing via Sauce Lab

After I create the website, I have to test it with vary browsers and vary platforms it is a real pain in the ass. So now I found the solution to handle this task without install browsers or create new vms. 520 more words



Major To-Do: turn in final LP, turn in speech proposal, critique speech by midnight, OChem prelab, study for quiz

Wednesday is rough because I’m out from 9AM til 6PM. 244 more words

Daily Work


To-do list (weekly):

CI: Lots of readings. Fix LP and send back for final approval.

HONS: Finish readings.

COMM: Read CH 12 w/ quiz, critique speech in Box by Wednesday midnight, peer responses due Sunday midnight, speech proposal due ASAP… 249 more words

Daily Work

ACF 2016

II Edition Asturias Contact Festival


Setting up your logging with SLF4J - How to automate the prevention of mistakes and disappearing log statements

Properly setting up your logging is not as trivial as many people think. The big problem is that many people will stop worrying about their logging setup once they see logging output. 1,679 more words