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Encontro no Pazo de Tovar. Improvisación.

Primer encuentro en Galiza, con mi querida amiga, gran poeta y performer, Marina de Oural (MOV).
Primer encuentro con David Bellas, revelador e inspirador, en su trabajo con la gaita. 57 more words

Target Areas


  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
  • Shorter release cycles
  • Flexible capacity and Lead time planning


Continuous improvement board

One of my colleague has designed this continuous improvement board. I like it very much and want to share it.

As the design shows, doing improvement continuously is like doing sports… 52 more words

Using GitLab's CI server

GitLab provides a continuous integration server, which is pretty nice for building, testing, and packaging your software and having all the UI integrated in GitLab. If you’re just using the free GitLab.com hosting, you get to utilise their Docker-based runner. 356 more words


How to wait for another docker container startup

There is a popular situation when you have an application in one docker container and that application uses mysql (or any other database, rabbitmq etc) from another container. 72 more words


New Issue of C&I - Metadata Workflows

The new issue of C&I is now available and looks at metadata workflows. Featuring contributions from:

  • Claire Hudson on migrating to a new library management system…
  • 33 more words

State of Waste 2016 – current and future Australian trends

By Mike Ritchie – Director, MRA Consulting Group

On 16 February 2016, the Australian population reached 24 million people. Waste generation rates are a function of population growth, the level of urbanisation and per capita income… 3,039 more words