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Release Management Using VSTS

If you have been tracking Azure at all lately you know that it is growing at breakneck pace. Microsoft has really turned up the volume on their enterprise cloud at all levels.   1,766 more words


Continuous Integration

What is the Continuous Integration (CI)?

Continous Integration is a software development methodology. It is one of the most practices exercised by DevOps team. It allows multiple SCRUM Teams to develop in parallel and provides luxury to individual developer to check in at any time. 191 more words

C&I Call for Papers

Why not consider improving your professional development by writing for Catalogue and Index this year?

Issue 182 is looking for papers looking at metadata team workflows.  93 more words


GSE faculty member Will Parnell publishes new book

Associate Professor Will Parnell (CI) has published a book on early childhood research practices, Disrupting Early Childhood Education Research (Routledge, 2016), with Jeanne Marie Iorio… 352 more words


Test automation with Hiptest: from test design to CI

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how to automate your Hiptest tests and get the results of their execution back into it. Also, you will see how it is possible to integrate Hiptest in a continuous integration process. 1,258 more words


Break the build in sonar 5.3

In continuous integration it may be some time required to fail the build if it does not pass a sonar quality gate. Earlier to sonar 5.3 we were having a plugin to do so but with release of sonar 5.3 the plugin is depreciated .How ever there is a way to break the build .Follow below steps to do so. 426 more words


Bitbucket Build Status from Codeship

Maybe you have heard about the new Build Status in Bitbucket – it’s awesome and shows you how good your commit / pull request is doing. 70 more words