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CI tools testing lab: Adding Zuul Merger

zuul-merger is a component of Zuul that merges code patches together to emulate the state code will be in once those patches are merged.  This post describes how I’ve ran it in a… 819 more words


Dear parents, today I failed...

Would you ever say something like this to your students’ parents? Well, I recently did. Since I moved to Chattanooga TN, I have decided not to go back to full time teaching right away. 695 more words


CI tools testing lab: Setting up Zuul Server

In this post I’m going to describe the various components of Zuul, and how to run zuul-server in a Docker container  in a lab setup. 1,122 more words


CI tools testing lab: Adding Gerrit

In this post I’m going to describe how I quickly brought up Gerrit using Docker in a lab setup, and integrated it with Jenkins. 846 more words


Deploy a Marketplace Linux VM with disk encryption using ARM templates

In this blog post  I’ll describe the steps to take for creating a Marketplace Linux VM with key encryption key (kek) disk encryption (Bit Locker) using ARM templates as much as possible. 2,797 more words


CI tools testing lab: Initial setup with Jenkins

 Gerrit, Jenkins and the Jenkins Gerrit Trigger Plugin make for a relatively easy way to setup an automated code review system. Using these components, you can have Jenkins run automates tests on code while it is being reviewed in Gerrit. 883 more words


Competency 9 Development

For my first and second field experience, I haven’t had the opportunity to work close to the teacher and the students`parents. I was mostly observing my cooperating teacher. 380 more words