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Containerized CI Solutions in AWS - Part 1: Jenkins in ECS

In this first post of a series exploring containerized CI solutions, I’m going to be addressing the CI tool with the largest market share in the space: Jenkins. 1,663 more words


Compositional Interpretation Wk 2

“So, what do you see?”

Compositional interpretation is a critical visual methodology that asks the above question in a matter of fact tone, largely unconcerned with context or culture, it’s a way of deciphering an image both practically and systematically. 394 more words

How to Silkuli - Test UI without programming - Advanced

This tutorial show how to organize UI tests and reuse most of your existing usecases elements, like comments and screenshots. 126 more words

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How to Silkuli - Test UI without programming

This tutorial is intended to provide a way for non-developpers to start building UI test case. By using Silkuli IDE for making and runnning visual scripts (Python script + Screenshots thumbs) 168 more words

IT Tutorials

Hello World!

I started this blog as part of my C/I class at Austin College, Two Hundred Years of Solitude. I am thrilled to have Dr. Duffey as my mentor.


How to test for disaster in production

Since I am on a roll, I read this article in production.  It is about Kripa Krishnan who essentially tests in production to see how robust the platform is.   40 more words