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Being a Feminine Agender Human.

Agender means “no gender’. Literally. I know, I just called myself “non-binary”. But agender is non-binary.

Here’s a chart that basically sums it up!

There. Non-binary is an “umbrella term” (which means anyone on that chart could use it, because it applies.). 620 more words


drone v0.3 behind reverse proxy

OSS drone is a open source platform version of drone.io

drone v0.4 has breaking changes. Without converting .drone.yml, all tests must fail. One of mitigation is a parallel run with Name Based Virtual Host. 101 more words

21st Straight Month of Declining Core Durable Goods Orders YoY (Business Spending YoY Down 8 Straight Months)

The US economy just set a record: 21st straight month of declining core durable goods orders YoY. This is a record for non-recessionary periods (core durable goods order plunge during recessions). 123 more words



GLACIER stands for Great Lakes Area Contact Improvisation Enthusiast Retreat.

About 30 people from around the nation, including myself, gathered together  in Wisconsin for three to five days to learn, explore, play and try out concepts of Contact Improvisation and Improvisation.   436 more words

Jenkins server, or why you should never trust engineer's estimation

Recently, like any other serious engineer, I realized I need a CI server. I didn’t want to spend money on travis-ci, or using 3rd-party services like… 597 more words


Starting From Scratch

I love design and its ever changing landscape. I love the diversity of the styles and mediums in which it is expressed. I find I hard to say I love one specific field though. 307 more words