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Not So Basic

I’m still stuck with this mild concussion, and boredom level is ever-increasing. I decided to have some fun with my makeup since I normally don’t have enough time to really spend time on myself. 101 more words


¿Intelegencia y música están relacionadas?

¿Es posible medir la inteligencia que tienes según la música que escuchas? Pues según un estudio llamado  “Music that makes you dumb” (la música que te vuelve tonto) elaborado por Virgil Griffith si lo es. 179 more words

¿Por Qué...?

An Extended Vacation, and Catch Up

Hello again!

So my spring break from the blog turned into a two-month long hiatus. I’ve been looking at the day of graduation in my side mirror, ignoring the “objects are closer than they appear” warning. 202 more words


And so it begins

The memory I’ll start with is my acceptance letter.

One cruel way that universities maximize efficiency is by making you log into your portal that you created to see whether you were accepted or not. 403 more words


Using CI systems with custom Maven repositories


Most Java projects have dependencies. Some of these dependencies are on custom libraries that are not available in the Maven central repository. This is typically the case of the libraries that I wrote myself. 492 more words


Docker nginx/dropwizard with Travis CI


Update: Can’t recommend using Travis for this kind of CI, it turned out very flakey once I used actual images rather than the simple echo tool images. 276 more words

Python and Jenkins

NOTE from the future:
Whoops, this was written and forgot in the depths of my drafts. So I just reviewed it and said, hey, It is acceptable to post :-D…
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