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Hello World!

Hello, everyone. :)

This is my first blog post using WordPress, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I am TheDudeFromCI, also known as CI or Dude, for short. 278 more words



Más allá del contact como una forma de danza en duo, entiendo el CI como una danza en la que dialogo con aquello que me rodea y está en conexión conmigo en ese momento, bien sea solamente el suelo en una sala diáfana, un grupo de “movers” o el sofá y la mesa de mi casa. 74 more words


4 Ways to deploy into Azure App Service

Azure has some resources that might be help when you start using the platform to deploy your code into the App Service. 61 more words


Merry Christmas!

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The year 2017 is almost running to its end now. For me, personally, it was an eventful year, not only at private level, but also otherwise a lot has happened, not at least my search for a CI (cochlear implant) as well as a real interview. 138 more words

Hard Of Hearing

Chào mừng bài viết thứ 50

Nhớ hôm nào trong năm mình đã tự đặt quyết tâm rất nhiều cho việc viết blog để chia sẻ cho anh em đồng đạo khắp nơi những thứ kiến thức nhảm nhí, nhăng cuội cùng với hầm bà lắng thứ linh tinh mà mình thu lượm được trong gần 5 năm làm việc của bản thân. 1,118 more words


Infrastructure as Code and VSTS

Your team is in the process of developing a new application feature, and the infrastructure has to be adapted. The first step is to change a file in your source control system that describes your infrastructure. 2,286 more words


One of Health Insurance's Best Kept Secrets

Before I hop into clarifying what basic ailment protection is, and why I for one trust it’s a decent venture, let me first admit that before I started working for a medical coverage financier, I had NO clue what basic disease protection was. 570 more words