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Redefing Boot Verbs with CI

We’ve all heard of “boot verbs” to teach the conjugations forms of stem-changing verbs.
Take the i–>ie stem changing verb querer:

Cute, right? Well, sure….If you want your students to only be able to memorize verb forms without actually acquiring them or being able to use them in context. 331 more words


Dichos ROCK! Teaching idioms in a CI classroom.

This year I decided I would start including “dichos” in Spanish class. Dichos are idioms. They are often SO funny and SO different from English. The students find them hysterical, and they learn SO much new vocabulary from them. 587 more words

TeamCity agent doesn't show the application window when a build is run

If you are running TeamCity agent as a service in Windows you probably noticed that you cannot see any application window that your build agent is running. 148 more words

Presentations from CIG16: Innovation and Discovery

CIG is pleased to announce that the presentations from our 2016 conference ‘Innovation and Discovery’ are now available via the CILIP website. Slides, workshop materials and posters can all be found here.


Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia for the SCA

***I’m consolidating my various geekery interests in this one blog. Originally published April 9, 2014***

So, here is some of the information which informed my desire for a Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia.  2,447 more words

Alan Of Darkdale

Build GitHub Pull Requests in Visual Studio Team Services

I’m currently working on a project where we have GitHub as the source repository and we are using VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) as the build and deployment server. 419 more words

Build a testing database with SSDT and NuGet

tldr; My central idea was to use SSDT to build a dacpac file that would define the schema of our testing database and wrap that DACPAC artifact in a nuget package that testing projects could reference.

3,223 more words