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One Year Ago -- Hollywood and the CIA: A peek behind the curtains

“I would regularly bump into a parade of Hollywood types, including Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. I often wondered why these actors were allowed to walk around a top-secret facility.

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Former CIA Director Leon Panetta on the Russian Leak: "Trump Is a Loose Canon!"

“I just think this president has to understand that he cannot just say whatever the hell he wants and expect that it doesn’t carry consequences.”

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Former C.I.A. Director Leon Panetta: "President Must Build 'Loyalty' With Intel Community"

“Obviously, it’s not a good situation. Because there is a lack of trust between the president and the intelligence community, and between the intelligence community and the president.

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Former acting CIA Director Mike Morell: "Trump has 'some special bond' with Putin."

“President Donald Trump’s statements on Russia have been ‘very bizarre’ and it suggests that he doesn’t have a good understanding of what Putin has done over a very long period of time.”

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