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Ford Foundation and its CIA connections - D. P. Satish

“The US-based Ford Foundation is not new to controversies. Many call it a front for the American external spying agency CIA. There have been thousands of articles and research papers on Ford Foundation’s CIA links. 1,338 more words


"The In-Laws" - A Movie Review

A delightful 1979 comedy/crime/espionage drama starring Peter Falk as Vince Ricardo, a CIA agent, and Alan Arkin as Shelly Kornpett,  a New York City dentist.  The two men go through a series of hilarious adventures, from New York City to Central America, bonding in the end as the movie ends with a wedding. 466 more words


KOB4, KASA, KOAT, others to lose Broadcasters Licenses. Sandy Hook: knowingly broadcasting hoax as real violates FCC Regulations

Reporting a hoax as real is against the law. Lying to people for a living is about as low as you can go.

The Article from VT: 174 more words

ABQ Truth Report

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Building the MST-13 Timers. Let's get started!

Today, we begin the construction of the MST-13 timers as if we were Ulrich Lumpert who just learned from his boss that he had to build a few of those in a hurry. 378 more words


India (finally) puts Ford Foundation and Greenpeace on watch list

The Indian government has put the Ford Foundation and Greenpeace on their “watch” list. It was about time. The Ford Foundation serves as an instrument of the CIA and the US government in prosecuting foreign policy and Greenpeace has degenerated into a home for the far-left and the communists who have been left homeless since the collapse of Marxist (and Maoist) ideologies. 1,284 more words


PODCAST -- John Adams Afternoon Commute w/guest Jan Irvin

Mar 16, 2015


Jan Irvin from gnosticmedia.com joins John and myself to discuss a range of topics-MK Ultra, The CIA, Stuart Copeland,Laurel Canyon, The Hippy Movement, Margaret Sanger, Aldous, Huxley,Gordon Wasson, Thomas Huxley, Scientism, Skepticism, Darwinism, Quantum Theory, Media Mind Control, Lifetime Actors, Psychoactive Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, New Age, Alan Watts, Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski, The Culture Creation Industry, Birth Control, Eugenics, The Court System, Trivium Method, Logical Fallacies, Intellectual Defense, Vaccines, Measles Outbreaks, Ritual Abuse, The Multiverse, Neal DeGras Tyson, The Drug Culture, Nuclear Bomb Hoax. 9 more words