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Very good overview of the challenges we face: Anonymous Elites And Their Tactics Of Enslavement 2017

With the death of David Rockefeller, more and more conspiracies will prove to be actual facts! In this video John Perkins, explains us how the IMF, the WB, or Central banks, are institutions used by the elites to enslave the nations of the world through traps of debt. 24 more words


3-173 [Real conspiracy]: There was a conspiracy to take over the Japanese government

I often looked back my past when I was in Hokkaido in the middle of 2013 because I had enough time to do so. At the same time, I have been so tortured that I should recollect its origin, and also, the spy let me think what happened in the past. 535 more words


Belarus March 2017 SITREP

March 26, 2017

I haven’t written much about Belarus, and many reliable analysts also have been careful not to say anything, because everyone understood that Belarus would be next to be hit by the… 3,866 more words


Drain the Deep State Swamp

During last year’s presidential campaign I drew a ‘drain the swamp’ cartoon featuring Donald Trump pulling a big plug. Various characters were swirling down a swampy drain. 470 more words

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Cyber-Berkut Joining The Manafort Fray

Cyber-Berkut, a Russian leaning alleged hacker collective in Ukraine decided to weigh in on the whole Manafort debacle with a data dump. The dump unsurprisingly is pro Russian and attempts to paint the US as trying to manipulate things and make it look like Manafort is guilty. 845 more words


48 Million Reasons Why Twitter is Pushing Media Propaganda Agenda

Ever wonder if you’re reaching your real targets on Twitter? Did that political comment just see you slammed by an unusually high number of followers? Or non-followers for that matter?   677 more words


CIA - DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children by Sue Arrigo MD

More from Sue Arrigo on Child Abuse and the CIA – c. <June 2007 CIA – DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children also available here Page 1… 4,423 more words

Child Sexual Abuse