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Oliver Stone’s film about Edward Snowden truly sums up what it’s like to be a young American growing up in the wake of 9/11.  Must of us formed our political opinions from that event, and besides some like me caught in the middle ground, we went to either one extreme or the other in our opinions of this country and the state of it at the time. 236 more words

American Pravda: The Destruction of TWA Flight 800

Reconstruction of TWA Flight 800. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
By Ron Unz • Unz Review • September 26, 2016

Some years ago as I became increasingly aware of the severe dishonesty of our mainstream media on all sorts of controversial topics, I began telling a joke to a few of my friends.

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George Soros’s False Flag Factories

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture

Global hedge fund tycoon and political provocateur George Soros is leading a war of symbols, namely flags and banners either resurrected or conjured up by his myriad non-profit groups, to stir religious, racial, and ethnic tensions the world over. 1,235 more words


Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary - YouTube

Published on Aug 13, 2016

Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary

 Mainstream Media Exposed
The TV Mind Control Movie (Remade and Enhanced)

Gathered & Edited by ODD TV… 104 more words

The Whore Of Babylon

[Warm up the head]: you can clean up the blood vessel by warming up your body

The majority of brain dysfunctions are contained by cooling the head, at least when they are created by the electromagnetic wave. You can restrain irregular thoughts and emotions and alleviate an unbearable pain in that way. 412 more words