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4-73 [CIA even left traces]: There were many plots to confirm whether I was a terrorist or not

Looking back what happened in those days, there were lots of events assumed to be a CIA confirmation.

For example, I was shouted by the man in the elevator who said that it was our fault that the Sep 11 attack took place. 412 more words


4-72 [CIA technique to confirm the authenticity]: They do not need a concrete evidence

I was asked to watch the movie together at home and he showed us “Black Hawk Down”. There were other people and I was not the only one there, but this was actually one of their antipersonnel operations. 452 more words


SitRep - 5/27/2017

What the heck is going on???? !!!!!! ?????

Doesn’t it seem as if you ask yourself that question each day! Well, there is good reason for that…we are in an era of unparalleled upheaval at every turn. 2,114 more words


4-71 [Reason behind the endless operation against me]: There was no other option but killing me, as I became a potential witness of their wrongdoings

I still cannot grasp the true reason why the Japanese police intelligence has targeted me forever, though as a matter of fact, Iwao Uruma has been quite critical as he has targeted me at least since his 40s and was promoted to the head of Japanese police intelligence, eventually to become a director general of the police department. 512 more words


Wise Words with Bruce Wise


A Mole or Hacker Masked
          by Scuiba Weedler

This week the names of Ames and Hannsen have appeared again,
reminding us of craftiness in Han-state arrogance. 698 more words


10 Little Known Steps For The Presidential Impeachment Process

Within hours after President Trump was elected into office, Democrats have been teaming up with sane people across the country to figure out a way to legally remove Donald from the presidency. 325 more words

Factual Friday