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Is CIA Secretly backing Erdogan to Marry Islam to Russia and Create a Wider War?

Behind The CIA Desperate Turkey Coup Attempt Column … On the evening of July 15, a group of Turkish army officers announced that they had staged a military coup d’etat and had assumed control of the country.

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The Turkish Coup in Context: Redrawing the Map of the CIA Drug Trade

From Activist Post, by Rusticus

Buried among the headlines was a story regarding Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base losing power during the attempted coup … not just about nukes, but drugs. 1,877 more words


The CIA’s Involvement in Indonesia and the Assassinations of JFK and Dag Hammarskjold

By Greg Pulgrain and Edward Curtin | Global Research

The truth about Indonesian history and the United States involvement in its ongoing tragedy is little known in the West.  8,638 more words


Turkey’s failed coup throws up surprises

By M K Bhadrakumar – India Punchline – July 21, 2016

What emerges on the sixth day of the failed coup attempt in Turkey is that three inflection points could be in play in the Turkish-American relations in the coming days and weeks.

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CIA & The Coup Attempt in Turkey

“Just think a moment about what is happening right now, your children and grandchildren to read in 25 years, as now people read about the overthrow in 1953 of Prime Minister of Iran Mohammed Mossadegh’s. 131 more words


The Lockerbie Secret Doc: Khreesat and the Swiss

“Marwan Khreesat is still wanted in connection with the bomb on the El Al flight. There can be little doubt that Khreesat is the bomb-maker for the PFLP-GC, that he was brought to West Germany for that purpose and there is a possibility that he prepared the IED which destroyed PA 103.

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ipfilterX Codename Trip to Symm

>Date 22/07/2016


-Blocked Threats: 69
-Updated Threats: 8
-IP Added Record: +85K


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