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Dog loses love of bomb sniffing, booted from CIA

WASHINGTON (AP) — A puppy lost its love for sniffing out bombs and the CIA lost a recruit.

Lulu gained a family.

Just a few weeks into her training, the doe-eyed black Labrador with flappy ears just wasn’t interested in detecting explosive odors anymore, the agency said. 86 more words

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The mid-1980s were a time of drastic change. In the United States, the Reagan era was winding down, the Cold War was heating up, and the IBM PC was the newest of newnesses. 75 more words

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The World Watches Trump, And He Just Loves It

For the first time, former CIA Director John Brennan takes on Trump’s foreign policy – issuing dire warnings on the threat of a nuclear war with North Korea and Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. 20 more words


CIA fires bomb-sniffing puppy, who just didn't care for the job

Sorry, Lulu. Maybe you have another calling.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had to fire one of its cutest employees, who simply didn’t demonstrate the initiative needed for the very important job. 216 more words


CIA chief says U.S.-Canadian couple held for five years in Pakistan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The head of the CIA said on Thursday a U.S.-Canadian couple kidnapped by Islamist militants in Afghanistan were held inside neighboring Pakistan for five years before being freed.

K9-School Dropout: Puppy Dropped From CIA Program After Showing Lack Of Interest

CHICAGO (CBS) — Even puppies can drop out of school.

A puppy named “Lulu” was dropped from the CIA’s explosive detection K9 puppy class after determining it was not the life for her. 606 more words


K-9 "fired" from CIA after showing no interest in sniffing out explosives

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A dog has been “fired” from the CIA, after officials determined she “wasn’t interested” in detecting bombs.

According to a news release… 662 more words