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April 8 & 9, 2018
At the end of our last blog, I left y’all with a cliff hanger that we spent two days travelling. It was such a long journey to get from Athens to Rome. 2,001 more words


Icon South & Neko Savvy are Going IN [VIDEO]

There is nothing I love more than collaborations between friends/contemporaries/colleagues that come off as if there is no effort involved.  To take that even further – to actually have fun while you’re doin it?  246 more words


Formal/Informal italian letter

Writing letters

Today we will learn how to write a formal or informal letter or email in Italian. The main structure is simple and it follows the normal structure of an English letter: addressee, date, greeting, main content, closing, signature. 514 more words

Italian greetings

Sometimes it is hard to understand how to say “Hello” to someone in Italy. The main problem English speakers have to face is: is “Ciao” too informal? 410 more words

Coup de Grace - Waterville Valley, NH

This past Saturday was our final ski trip of the 2017-8 crazy freaking ski season in New England. What is crazy is that there is no perfect day on a New England mountain that I have ever ever EVER experienced. 1,189 more words

Ren and G are set to welcome me in Japan

Every major sporting event has to have a mascot, with football possibly being the most recognisable, however rugby is hitting back with the launch of Ren and G for the Rugby World Cup 2019. 154 more words


Let’s get away more often

Sometimes it’s good to escape the reality. Go away for a few days and shut down your brain from anything that’s going on in your life. 196 more words

Openly And Honestly