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Lt Anastasia Dulla Quote

“You let us down… you let us down. You made a promise, to all of us to find earth, to find us a home… together. It doesn’t matter what the president did or even what Lee did because everyday that we remain apart is a day that you’ve broken your promise.” – Lt Anastasia Dulla


No, Canada doesn't spend more on refugees than on pensioners

Maybe you’ve seen it. Maybe your uncle forwarded it to you or someone you know posted it on Facebook.

The meme, infographic, status update, chain email you received is false. 548 more words


Conservative refugee health care cuts were 'economically foolish,' John McCallum says

New IRC Minister McCallum’s priorities (while he did not discuss citizenship in this article, he has mentioned dropping revocation for dual nationals in other interviews): 241 more words


#Multiculturalism Transferred Back to Canadian Heritage: Impact

The Order in Council announcing the reversal of the 2008 transfer to CIC as part of then Minister Kenney’s Package:

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, pursuant to paragraph 2(

587 more words

Reframing the Global Health Debate

By Valerie Percival

Transition planners are laying the groundwork for Canada’s new government.  One issue that has received little mention as a key issue for the new government — global health — deserves more scrutiny. 966 more words

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