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Lake Malawi Non Mbuna

Non Mbuna

I’ve always referred to non Mbuna cichlids as Utaka, this is incorrect, please check “What are Utaka” for more information.


Over-Medicating Fish

We have had several instances over the last month of fish being over treated with a wide array of over the counter fish medications. Please read this if you are unfamiliar with how to treat sick fish or do not have much experience. 351 more words

Hikari 2-Ounce Cichlid Excel Floating Pellets for Pets, Medium

Hikari Cichlid Excel is specially formulated for herbivorous (plant eating) fish. This formula combines wheat-germ, spirulina and vitamins and minerals to provide a diet that is extremely nutritious, easy to digest, provides powerful color enhancement and promotes outstanding growth characteristics. 23 more words

Observing an Oscar Fish

Welcome to my post! I will be talking about my pet Oscar fish named Sebastian! Oscars are from the cichlid family of fishes. Their sizes vary widely, but Sebastian, my fish, is about four inches. 282 more words