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TODI indoor diving Belgium

When we’re not diving in warm water and the Dutch waters are too cold for a wetsuit, we love to go diving in the indoor diving center TODI in Beringen, Belgium. 91 more words


Uara Cichlid

The Uara Cichlid, uaru amphiacanthoides, is a large species of cichlid native to South America in Northern Brazil and parts of Guyana that can grown up to 30 centimeters in length. 124 more words


Lake Malawi Non Mbuna

Non Mbuna

I’ve always referred to non Mbuna cichlids as Utaka, this is incorrect, please check “What are Utaka” for more information.


Over-Medicating Fish

We have had several instances over the last month of fish being over treated with a wide array of over the counter fish medications. Please read this if you are unfamiliar with how to treat sick fish or do not have much experience. 351 more words