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The Cure of Pegsus and Parfaits? - Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 23

Summary: Flowing the realization of what actually happened to Pikario, Kirarin/Ciel blames herself for the outcome and spirals into a depressed state. While the girls attempt to help her out of it, Noir shows up and tries to turn her into another dark agent. 531 more words


The Fairies Return - Kirakira ☆Precure A La Mode Episode 21

Summary: One day while closing up the KiraPati, Ichika spots some strange glowing objects floating around the shop. Despite failing to catch one, Chourou took it as a sign and went to Strawberry Mountain to let off a signal. 465 more words


vízpart/ beach

Más is szívesen ücsörögne az egyik függőfotelben egy jó könyvvel/ reggeli kávéval/ fagyival? Az egyik hely még szabad

What about relaxing with a good book/ morning coffee/ ice cream in the hanging chair? 9 more words

Color Inspiration

Kuroshitsuji Manga – Chapter: 129

The twin theory is true.

It’s a matter of time this came to light. There were many hints’ given. I don’t remember each one of them right now but there were clues. 342 more words


Black Butler Season One: Review

I’m a little late on this anime, I know. I just finished it a bit ago, and overall, I enjoyed it. I only began watching it because I had met Sebastian’s English voice actor at Youmacon last November. 1,434 more words


Meowth900's Movie Thoughts: Black Butler Book Of Atlantic

Hello people it’s meowth900 here providing another edition of Meowth900’s Movie Thoughts. This time it is an anime movie that just finished its limited release theater run in America. 636 more words