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Big Brother Strikes Again

If good ol’ Andy Cuomo gets his way (again), your favorite smokes could soon cost a lot more. The New York governor is poised to approve a budget that includes a roll back in cigar taxes to the 2013 rate (75 percent of the wholesale price). 189 more words

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(Still) Not a Safe Alternative

A new study has found that e-cigarette flavors contain cancer-causing chemicals. The study concluded that fruity flavors top the list for harmful additives.

For years, I’ve argued that — despite public claims to the contrary — e-cigarettes are not a “safe” alternative to tobacco use. 75 more words

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Smoke or Drink (but Not Both)

Virginia tobacco enthusiasts will have to forego their favored adult beverages whilst enjoying a fine cigar in the state’s lounges. Lawmakers voted down a bill that would have allowed beer, wine, and liquor consumption at cigar bars. 34 more words

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Censorship is Alive and Well

Apple is no friend to cigar smokers. That’s the message from a recent article by the editor of Cigar Aficionado.

Not a fan or user of Apple products, this news only solidifies my stance on the entitled, hypocritical company. 22 more words

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Search Continues for New Cigar Factory

Despite previous reports of a “done deal,” Gurkha Cigars will not be acquiring the American Caribbean cigar factory. Officials from both companies have confirmed that outcome. 268 more words

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Smokers Unite in Iowa

Smoking is a welcome activity in Garner, Iowa. At a recent City Council meeting, residents overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to a proposed smoking ban in city parks. 31 more words

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Higher Fees Mean Higher Prices

In yet another offensive in their all-out War on Tobacco, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has re-calculated its user fee schedule for fiscal year 2018. 110 more words

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