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Lawmakers Seek FDA Extension on New Cigar Rules

Some members of the United States Congress are hoping to gain an extension on the FDA’s impending regulations to the handmade cigar industry.

Spearheaded by Bill Posey (R – FL), 32 members of Congress want a longer open comment period. 126 more words


A Plea for Help

Eric Newman hopes you’ll sign his petition. The third-generation owner of the famed J.C. Newman cigar factor in Ybor City, Florida (outside of Tampa) says new FDA regulations will almost surely cause the site to shut down. 24 more words


Name Change for Well Known Brand

Casa Fernandez is changing its name to Aganorsa Leaf. The company is best known for creating brands such as Casa Fernandez, JFR, Lunatic, Guardian of the Farm, and others. 52 more words


Big Brother Strikes Again

If good ol’ Andy Cuomo gets his way (again), your favorite smokes could soon cost a lot more. The New York governor is poised to approve a budget that includes a roll back in cigar taxes to the 2013 rate (75 percent of the wholesale price). 189 more words

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(Still) Not a Safe Alternative

A new study has found that e-cigarette flavors contain cancer-causing chemicals. The study concluded that fruity flavors top the list for harmful additives.

For years, I’ve argued that — despite public claims to the contrary — e-cigarettes are not a “safe” alternative to tobacco use. 75 more words

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Smoke or Drink (but Not Both)

Virginia tobacco enthusiasts will have to forego their favored adult beverages whilst enjoying a fine cigar in the state’s lounges. Lawmakers voted down a bill that would have allowed beer, wine, and liquor consumption at cigar bars. 34 more words

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Censorship is Alive and Well

Apple is no friend to cigar smokers. That’s the message from a recent article by the editor of Cigar Aficionado.

Not a fan or user of Apple products, this news only solidifies my stance on the entitled, hypocritical company. 22 more words

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