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E-cigs: Safe or Not?

An e-cigarette is a battery operated device that may or may not look like a traditional cigarette.   Instead of igniting the tobacco-filled tube of a cigarette, users inhale a heated, flavored nicotine liquid vapor which is produced by means of a rechargeable battery inside the device. 685 more words


California Senate Approves Bill To Regulate E-Cigarettes Like Traditional Tobacco Products

Eight months after the California Department of Health declared that e-cigarettes were a threat to public health, the state’s lawmakers are taking steps to ensure the devices are regulated much like their traditional counterparts. 414 more words

Coffee and Cigarettes

Two things in this current iteration of the life I lead is consistent. Everything else comes and goes like my hair. Try as I might to cut it out of my life, it always returns. 442 more words



Calls.Think about all the calls we make

Call to check out the person at the next table

Call to outright stare that ripped guy

Call to uproot your life… 215 more words

August 28, 1945

August 28 was another great day. The Japs gave us one 8 ounce can of salmon and approximately one pound of margarine. The American planes came over again and dropped twelve sea bags of chow. 120 more words

Hazy rules

Written for The Argus Observer. Printed on August 23, 2015.

PAYETTE, IDAHO— The evolution of electronic nicotine devices, commonly known as e-cigarettes, has left the U.S. 880 more words

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