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Almost a year ago today, by some yoga-teacher-training miracle, I gave up nicotine. ┬áSince then I’d bummed a smoke now and again when out and about, but my brain had firmly reversed course, closing down the synapses that had fired relentlessly for “pack-a-day-smoker” these past 8 years, and re-opening the cracked and broken avenues of my childhood, the decrepit synaptic pathways of “non-smoker.” 658 more words


The Art of Invisibility

He did not know what quite to do that cloudy afternoon. He had just returned from a camping trip and the weather was far too agreeable for him to just go home and call it a day. 354 more words


Buy cheap cigarettes when your almost out of money

Smoking is bad, but when your stressed and in a state that does not recognize your “medicine” of choice then it becomes a necessity.

It helps with the stress of being broke and unemployed. 127 more words

Smoke if ya got 'em

Madonna, Beyonce, Cher, Adele, Prince, Sting, Bono, Liberace.

Johnny Roventini?

Using only one name has been an effective marketing device for a lot of entertainers, and for none more effectively than for Johnny. 490 more words

Popular Culture

Cigarette smoke affects your DNA

A recent study proposed the idea that damage to our DNA at the telomeres contributes to lung ageing, continuing damage and worsening COPD symptoms. Also that cigarette smoke increases and encourages such damage to the telomeres. 294 more words

Portable Oxygen

Whose coffers will the cigarette tax hike fill?

If history is any lesson, it will not be the state of Pennsylvania.

As has been reported, the state of Pennsylvania increased its cigarette tax by a dollar a pack, making it the tenth highest tax among the states. 682 more words

She Really Loves Him

She’d sigh like Twig the Wonder Kid
and turn her face away.
She’s uncertain if she likes him
but she knows she really loves him. 6 more words