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Scatter In The Wind..........

This is a story about Narcissistic Abuse and Flying Monkeys. Not for the faint of heart, not for the Abuser, not for the enabler: this story is for US. 565 more words

This rough draft should have stayed dead

I don’t like the things you do

It’s who you are

I’ve been settling for not okay

Because it’s not so bad

I spend my heart… 112 more words


Tobacco Use is Down, Vaping Up in Monitoring the Future 2017

The University of Michigan Monitoring the Future report came out in December and there is some good news regarding declines in tobacco products among teens.  Cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco, snus, and hookah have all seen declines in use.  422 more words


Kicking the Habit

Today I wanted to just vent a little. I’m trying to kick a habit… Darts. And no, I don’t mean those needles you throw at a wall in the middle of a bar, I mean… 629 more words

New Blog

January Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Eighteen

Smoking on the covered part of the porch, watching rain bless the ancient faces of trees, I cherish your mind full of facts, reaching for small kindnesses: our partners are bonding in the kitchen- my darling comes out holding a bloody Mary and I find it so absurd I break into that stoned bliss giggle.

No More Pain~

You have a choice. As homo sapiens? We all have a choice. We can make this world a bit brighter, lifting others out of the depths of despair-or-we can contribute to the problem, not caring what our wounds do to others, enabling the toxic reality and letting the family curse go deep, deeper, deepest; bringing with it all of the mayhem and madness, untethered pain, and tortured souls. 176 more words


Coffee tastes like cigarettes

All my regrets taste like you

So I spit them out

And rinse my mouth

With the taste of him

It fades you out… 118 more words