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I smoked for 15 years and then quit for 3 years. Back then I quit because I wanted to quit. I had started smoking only half a cigarette at a time, so basically I was wasting. 195 more words

Still Able To Think?

Manic Monday

It’s said that it isn’t Mondays that suck, it’s your job and/or life. I happen to like my job and my life, though, so I think this Monday just sucked.  1,256 more words


Ch. 17 Summertime and the Livin's easy

29 June 2015

Life is good, so good it’s hard to even write about. People always want to read the juicy, depressing, crazy gossip right? I’m not here for that. 723 more words



Gave a pack of cigarettes
and a chocolate bar to
a homeless man —
nothing else to say
Say, the pain and loneliness
and smell of years without… 86 more words


Most people you meet are just bummed cigarettes and smoke breaks.

You’ve never been high before? No, It has not been on my agenda for the past 23 years.

I hate the people who are frequent smokers, like they think it is so weird when someone over the age of 13 has never been high before or doesn’t do it every two minutes from the moment they wake up. 414 more words


Nicotine and Yoga

Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful, the sun wasn’t out yet so it was cool and quiet. Daniel and I took Paisley for a walk to grab a coffee and breakfast and then we sat down at Hazen Park by the water dreaming about having a boat of our own. 269 more words


Only Quitters Quit

I quit smoking cigarettes a week ago. Well, in about 2 hours it will be a full week.

The first couple of days were a struggle. 396 more words

Mumbling Of An Imbecile