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A new bill would no longer let 18-year-olds buy cigarettes and vaping products

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The legal smoking age could soon go from 18 to 19.

A couple of Tennessee lawmakers out of Nashville introduced legislation that would make it illegal for new adults to buy cigarettes and vape pens. 168 more words


I'll Leave The Light On.......

I did not see this coming, and I am angry and resentful. Not at anyone in particular, and since I don’t get angry with myself like I used to, I suppose it is more akin to blinding grief. 585 more words

SSIDAAK Chapter Three: Secure Hold Super

Stupid Shit I Did As A Kid

Chapter Three: Secure Hold Super

My best friend is about six months younger than I am, so I had my driver’s license before he did. 651 more words

Stupid Shit I Do

Miserable Reality

You make me feel alive. You make me want to be alive.

Thoughts on bus: “If I had some cigarettes and my iPod was working I would go home then go to the allotments and listen to Oasis and smoke 10 cigarettes while sitting on the fence for 20 minutes in deep thought then I would be buzzing like hell and I would walk home and the floor would be moving up and down and I would go home and put on my Tom Petty CD and turn the lights off and lie on my bed and not exist and the world would be spinning round then the album would finish and I would go to sleep. 293 more words

Instead of a proper prologue.

London, ca. 1950

-I don’t know – I answered quietly. I tried desperately to act calm, but my heart was beating strong. – I don’t know about you, I don’t know about myself even… 1,094 more words

Big Epic

These Factors Made Me Quit Smoking Once & For All

I’m not proud of this, but I used to smoke. When I turned 21, I started hanging out with people who left the party to huddle outside in a tobacco cloud. 1,063 more words