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Ode to Cigarettes | Jeremiah Finney

Ode to Cigarettes
Jeremiah Finney

It was cigarettes who blacken the lungs,
corrupt the larynx speech.
A contract for death,
a legal killer.
The natural termination of life, 47 more words


Clearing the Air: 25 Years After Smoking Ban on Planes

IRVING, TX — Hey, remember when smoking was cool? You know, back in the old days. Yeah, all the stars were doing it. Smoke filled the air everywhere, even where you would least expect it, like doctors promoting cigarette commercials. 157 more words


They Know All About You

The tobacco industry knows all about you.  Male or female, young or old, what ever race, ethnicity, social group or demographic you belong to, they are trying to figure you out. 794 more words



A lost cigarette
is worth its weight
in gold
when your lungs
feel like they’re going to
collapse and smother
your fucking

A worthy death… 19 more words


february 26, 2015

So I’ve been meaning to post this link for awhile now. It helped me to understand that not all my weird behaviors are depressive; some are just introvert..-ive. 294 more words

Heartbreak Journey

Day 1 was a blur. I didn’t sleep. I could not eat. I didn’t feel like I was living. I waited for you to come home. 119 more words