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For those of you gallivanting around the internet aimlessly, searching for a combination so epic it makes ham and cheese tomato sangers look like a dogs breakfast, then look no further, … 213 more words


Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company; The Explosive Sales of Electronic Cigarettes Will Most Likely Continue Through 2014

When it comes to investments business men and women listen to financial analysts and experts. President of Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company, Shadd Vickery, is glad that he is no different. 201 more words

Ciggies Electronic Cigarettes; Safety is Important

Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company cares about their consumers. In response to the newest media trends plastering the news about some risks and dangers the use of e-cigs may pose we, Ciggies, would like to address the issue. 324 more words

What is Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company all about?

Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company specializes in the wholesale market of electronic cigarettes. Ciggies provides inventory for retail stores across the country. Many different types of stores are now participating in the sale of e-cigs such as salons, bars, and grocery stores. 208 more words