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Who will house the young?

Yesterday I asked the question of future governments: who will house, not just the poor, but people on average incomes. I concluded that it certainly won’t be the large housing associations. 129 more words


The Three Magical Letters: C.I.H.

By Kerry Schmid

A Certified Industrial Hygienist; that is what many students and young professionals strive to achieve. Spring Exam season is quickly approaching and you might be similar to me; I am sitting for my CIH Exam. 81 more words


Perspectives on Preparation for the CIH Exam

By Jennifer Sheffer and Carter Ficklen

“Perspectives on Preparation for the CIH Exam” roundtable was based on a vision for sharing CIH preparation information and support developed by a group of hygienists, including Mike Watson, Carter Ficklen, Steve Lacey, Shannon Gaffney, Mike Weeks, Andrew Burgie, and many others, along with the support of Lynn O’Donnell and Allan Fleeger, first came to fruition during the Chicago 2006 AIHce. 216 more words


Paula’s CIH Boot Camp – 30 Days to a Better Score

“The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the Department of Defense, Department of the Army, U.S. 1,264 more words


Finishing what you didn't mean to start

It’s involved about 3 years of studying whilst working full time, 14 assignments, around 100,000 words and I dread to think how many hours of my life, but this week I graduated from De Montfort University with a First Class Honours degree in Housing. 560 more words

Dîroka Efrînê ya kevnar a Zerdeştiyan ne

Li gundê Kîmarê yê navçeya Şêrawa ye Efrînê bajarekî kevin ku tê gotin ji salên hezar û 600 beriya zayînê ji aliyê kurdên zerdeştî ve hatiye avakirin, heye. 678 more words

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