Accuracy Assessment of Plant Height Estimates from UAVs

Plant height is an important trait that correlates with yield potential and lodging resistance. Real-time, accurate measurement of plant height across large area is a key to the successful implementation of the… 262 more words


Maize lethal necrosis disease on the decline in Kenya

Plant clinic data collected by Plantwise countries in East Africa has corroborated a statement from the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) which said… 925 more words


Sustainable intensification practices based on conservation #agriculture #SIMLESA project @CIMMYT #Mozambique #AgriStream

A woman stands on a field intercropping beans and maize in Sussundenga, Manica province, Mozambique. (Photo: Luis Jose Cabango)

For many small farmers across sub-Saharan Africa, the crop yields their livelihoods depend on are affected by low-quality inputs and severe challenges like climate change, pests and diseases. 889 more words


Productivity potential and nutrition quality of quality protein maize hybrids in central Tanzania

Maize is a key staple food for the majority of smallholder farm families in central Tanzania. But the productivity of this staple crop is constantly called into question due to erratic rainfall, declining soil fertility, as well as pests and diseases. 322 more words


Research on conservation agriculture and associated practices in eastern Zambia

Declining soil fertility and a changing climate requires sustainable cropping systems that improve productivity and profitability while adapting to climate variability without negative environmental side effects. 498 more words


Developing CRISPR for developing countries

Researchers from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Nairobi, Kenya, are using CRISPR to inactivate the banana streak virus DNA in the genome of plantain. 57 more words


Changing Lives through Service Provision- the Story of Beyene’s Abebe

Beyene Abebe is a 24-year-old small mechanization service provider in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Among the different service providers working in the small mechanization project, Beyene is the most successful full-time service provider who offers conventional ploughing and transportation services for smallholder farmers in his village using a small horse power two-wheel tractor. 280 more words