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Fort Romeau / Nick Heppner -Cin Cin 001

Fort Romeau has a new label named Cin Cin that’s exploring meetings between old and new friends. First up is a split with Romeau himself and the boss Nick Höppner. 8 more words


Fort Romeau - Unititled

Your boy Fort Romeau and Warm head honcho Ali Tillet have gone and set up a new label called Cin Cin, aiming to provide a series of split 12″s which will feature some of their friends old and new. 75 more words


Barbados Pt. 2.

Cin Cin really deserved a post on its own, it was just so good, and the views, well the views were just stunning.
Cin Cin was about a five minute drive from where we were staying and don’t worry about trying to park your car, they have valet parking. 331 more words


The Cin Cin Courtyard

The September 2015 update: Back to just evenings folks, think John was killing himself doing days as well!

Veni Vedi Vici has morphed into Cin Cin… 270 more words


Membuat cincin dari koin

Macam mana sangat menarik bukan? Juga tidak sukar untuk dibuat. Tetapi sila berhati-hati kerana menurut sumber perbuatan merosakkan atu mengubah suai duit adalah salah disisi undang-undang. 23 more words


Barbados Day 3

As the weather was Rubbish with a capital R today, we went out and about looking for local fruit and vegetables. We drove to Bridgetown, parking just south of the bridge and walked towards the shops. 713 more words

Cin cin cincischia

Tutti a tavola ragazzi. Accomodatevi signori. Un bel brindisi per festeggiare. Calici in alto a chi se lo merita.

Appunto: “calici in alto”, non “calici che fanno il giro del tavolo pur di toccare tutti ma proprio tutti”. 218 more words