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Your Team Passed on Joe Mixon, Huge Mistake

By Michael Zingrone

So your team passed on Joe Mixon for non-football reasons, and that was a huge *Trump voice* mistake. He leads this RB rookie class in receiving yards/game and yards/ rush attempt against 7 or fewer defender boxes per Fantasy Guru. 790 more words


Pacman Jones has been suspended by the NFL yet again

Adam “Pacman” Jones is no stranger to being suspended by the NFL. In fact, the talented cornerback was once sidelined for an entire season in 2007 as a result of suspension and that even carried over to a portion of the 2008 campaign. 229 more words


Buy This Cincinnati Bengals Tailgate Bus — $2,100

After five years of putting up with Marvin Lewis and general Bengals BS/heartbreak, the owners of the “Who Dey” bus above have decided to sell their prized tailgate possession. 125 more words


Instead of Creating a Top 50 Players List to Celebrate Their 50th Year, The Bengals Should Actually Retire Some Jerseys

By: Alex Marcheschi

The Bengals are celebrating their 50th year of existence this season. Some would argue that existing that long without winning anything isn’t something to celebrate, but that’s neither here nor there. 441 more words

My top 5 most-reversible sports results

One of those Twitter “what if?” challenges that makes the rounds from time to time got me thinking today.

You can change the outcome of one sporting event during your lifetime.

303 more words

Buy This Cincinnati Bengals/Bearcats Tailgate Short Bus — $20K

Are you a diehard Cincinnati football fan looking to do damage at both Bengals and Bearcats games this season? If so, we’re sending our prayers over to you for two reasons: the Bengals, who added another upstanding citizen to their roster in Joe Mixon, never fail to crash and burn in epic fashion, and the Bearcats are coming off a 4-8 season so yeah… could be a rough fall/winter. 170 more words


NFL Talk Plus Episode 31 - AFC North

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: NFL Talk Plus
Once again this week there is no news in the NFL, so Keith and I get right down to the next division on the list. 90 more words