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He's playing you for a fool; don't prove him right

To everyone who is pissed off at what America’s political system has devolved into, let me say, I get it; I’m with you.  It shouldn’t too much to ask for a political and governmental system that can get things done, that treats people fairly, and that will be about protecting the freedom of all its citizens.  1,261 more words


Day 46

The Cincinnati Enquirer and the Practice of Political Moral Discernment:

Today the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Editorial Board endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, breaking with 100 years of Republican endorsements. 935 more words

2016 Presidential Election

Viewpoint: It's about time rape was a man's issue

I’m pretty sure Dan Meyer might have a few choice words for Gov. John Kasich if the two could sit down for a little father-to-father chat about daughters, college and rape. 800 more words


Breaking My Silence - A Rape Survivor's Story

As published in the Cincinnati Enquirer on 1/31/16 – http://www.cincinnati.com/story/opinion/contributors/2016/01/29/breaking-silence-rape-survivors-story/79525890/

So many people are doubting Bill Cosby’s accusers’ because they waited so long to tell their stories. 1,240 more words


Let's Talk About Guns...Again

So, my local paper, The Cincinnati Enquirer, has a new editorial piece about guns, in which they state:

The false narrative of gun rights versus gun control is playing out across the country as mass shootings kill multiple innocent civilians with alarming regularity. 564 more words


Bracing for the Storm

I feel as though I should preface everyone about my upcoming article in the Cincinnati Enquirer. All my previous pieces have been pretty upbeat and what my editor will term, “slice of life” pieces. 854 more words