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Being Home

In 1999, I visited Cincinnati for the first time.  It was the summer before my freshman year of high school, and I accompanied my mother, my sister, and my grandmothers to my sister’s dance convention in Covington, just across the river from the city.  921 more words


The Goetta challenge to Carolina Panthers player Luke Kuechly

For more than 150 years Goetta has been a traditional staple during breakfast for many families in the Cincinnati area. So, I headed back from Charlotte North Carolina to the Tri-state area to Cincinnati, which is also a “Queen City”, to learn more about the origins of Goetta.   663 more words

Tina Quizon

As God is our witness, we thought turkeys could fly

Maybe think of Ken and Kevin once in a while as we wind our way through the Great American Midwest. And be on the lookout for falling turkeys… 18 more words


Master Photographer.

I got my Master Photographer badge from Google Maps and Google Local Guides…

Pretty neat. 😀🗺️📷❤️


Shakespeare by Nicholas Lawson

To feel pain, the pain of feeling, dost thou come forward hither hence we speaketh in tongues undone and have yet to understand the power of the sun aught we to conscript ourselves to finer demonic pursuits of time art we all here hast we ever ‘ere seen a stitch in time a stick of rhyme lasts a pound of malaise hence we aught not to confuse ourselves with all that is doth thou knowest thine own self as true nay we know not ourselves tis a thing only our marry friends knowest of us in our dialect that is the chosen dialect and tis a monument that has yet to be built we find couples coupling in the night time and twould you ever say nay to a fat ass that comes your way tis doth you say what thou needs to say in a world where we hold the phone and make it known that twould you ever read this you would be found. 92 more words


LA Turtle of Los Angeles is New Brilliance by Nicholas Lawson

LA TURTLE is one of Michigan’s most brilliant youtube artists … he has a style of acting that is pure and his edited monologues serve to give him the credentials he needs take it a step further and produce a film starring him. 151 more words