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Out-takes and Doppelgängers

I was sitting and thinking on – when there was a ruckus outside my door, a pounding upon the timbers confirmed, and with a splintering crack and rush, they came tumbling in, landing in a heap, at my feet. 867 more words


Why I Relate to Ella (From Cinderella 2015)

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit unappreciated. I think everyone has that one friend where, when it comes to parties or hanging out, they never contact you. 1,231 more words


What does it take to make a great fairy tale?

In the post-Shrek age and with the dawn of Snow White and the Huntsman, can Hollywood even make good fairy tale movies anymore? It feels like nothing graces our screens except regurgitated Disney classics, spoof movies, or “the dark fairy tale.” What gives? 382 more words

Throwback Thursday



Everyone relax! I think I’ve discovered the method of solving the Greek economic problem. No really, hear me out, I’ve only traveled overseas once and that was 100 years ago, in 1994. 215 more words

Hell On Wheels

Second Time Around: The Revival Of Classic Disney Movies

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No matter where you are from, chances are the magical fantasy worlds of Disney movies are some of your earliest childhood memories. 695 more words

Night crawlers. 

To all the night crawlers out there. Do you ever lay down to sleep and stay awake for hours? The silence louder than a rock concert. 550 more words

Coming Soon: Ever After

Celey is hanging by a thread as the gals discuss Nora’s travel habits, beer, and sing the praises of their next guest while she sits uncomfortably across from them! 28 more words